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Alessandra Ambrosio celebrates Brazil’s independence in a stunning green dress

The model celebrated her country’s day of independence while atop of the Empire State Building.

Alessandra Ambrosio looked the part as she celebrated Brazil’s independence day. The model wore a stunning green dress as she took photos atop of the Empire State Building, in New York.

Alessandra Ambrosio in New York©GrosbyGroup
Ambrosio looked stunning atop of the Empire State Building.

Ambrosio wore her hair loose and paired her outfit with green heels and some jewelry. The dress was closely fitted and showed off She posed in different locations, standing by the building’s observation deck and indoors.

Alessandra Ambrosio©GrosbyGroup
Ambrosio posed in different locations atop of the Empire State Building.

Ambrosio playfully smiled for the camera, waving a small Brazilian flag, as the building was lit in green and yellow in commemoration of the date.

Ambrosio has long been an ambassador for Brazil, discussing her heritage often. In an interview with Forbes, discussing her partnership with Nespresso, which released a Brazil-inspired coffee drink.

“I was really happy when they chose me to be their face for the campaign and we shot it in Brazil. The whole campaign, it’s about doing yoga, taking time for yourself, feeling good, the inhale and exhale. Usually for me when I drink coffee, I’m taking the little time for myself to just re-think what’s happening in my life or what’s going through my day,” she sai.

Ambrosio was one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret models, earning renown all over the world. She’s now involved in a variety of businesses, including her bathing suit line, GAL Floripa.

“Well I think for me, it’s trying to do things like from when I started modeling - I wanted to do things that make me happy. I’m not going to promote or create something that I don’t identify with. So for me, coffee is like a very natural fit. And swimsuit, being from Brazil, I grew up in a swimsuit, so that’s what I like to do and that’s what I like to create,” she explained.