Becky G
Latina Entertainer

Becky G says she started to ‘feel free’ when she ‘started singing in Spanish’

The singer, actress, and businesswoman discussed how she found artistic and personal freedom

Becky G continues making her dreams come true. For the first time, the Latina Powerhouse appeared on the cover of the most recent edition of Variety. The singer, actress, and businesswoman discussed how she found artistic and personal freedom.

After embarking on a legal battle with her former producer, the Mexican-descent star decided to put her career and reputation first. “No one has the power to put me in a box…No one else should be the dictator of what I do with my body, how I use my voice, or how I choose to express myself,” she told the publication.

Becky recently released her album Esquemas featuring 14 tracks, and says she can now experiment with music and genres, such as dembow to reggaeton. “I think back to when it would’ve been an artist’s downfall to experiment with so many sounds on the same album because you’d get accused of not ‘knowing’ your sound or who you are as an artist,” she said.

“I started to feel free when I started singing in Spanish — it’s always been one of my biggest fears,” Becky confesses. “‘Shower’ was like [someone saying], ‘OK, here’s the demo — now sing it.’ And I was like, ‘Sure! Whatever I gotta do,’” she says. “But with the songs on ‘Esquemas,’ I’m singing from a place of empowerment because I’m fully involved in the creative process.”

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Although Becky G is established in music and has a thriving business, she says her humble beginnings and financial hardship contributed to her creativity in finding ways to survive. “OK, well, what do we do when we have nothing? We make something,” she said, referring to when her family was “homeless.”

Creating something from scratch is Becky’s favorite thing to do; therefore, she aspires to “go into the producing side because as an actress you get stuck sometimes, seeing a lot of the same roles or just feeling like there could be so much more out there for us in the Latinx community.”

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