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WATCH: Shawn Mendes hilarious reaction seeing a fan wearing his exact same outfit

“I’m just a long-time fan of his music, fashion, media personality, everything really,” the fan revealed, describing it as a “pretty surreal moment.”

Shawn Mendes had a hilarious encounter with a fan on the streets of Vancouver, however fans are saying that it might not have been a coincidence after all. The singer was casually walking down the street when he ran into Canadian soccer player Easton Ongaro, who was wearing the same sweater and shoes as Shawn.

The encounter was captured on TikTok and the athlete shared a photo wearing the exact same outfit, a zip-up sweater with a beat pattern and a pair of black converse sneakers, captioned “nice sweater bro.”

“Dude, what is this? This is so funny, the pants and everything,” Shawn says after seeing Easton, taking a photo with him and sharing a sweet moment.

Fans of the singer immediately reacted to the video and had some positive comments to the funny situation. However other online users pointed out that the encounter could have been staged, as Easton has previously posted similar photos wearing similar outfits, and some even say that he is “copying his style and photos for a while.”

The soccer player revealed to the Daily Hive that he is “just a long-time fan of his music, fashion, media personality, everything really. I found the sweater in the sale section at Old Navy a few months (ago) and noticed he wears it all the time. I put it on and was walking down the street and just happened to run into him. Pretty surreal moment.“

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