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Diego Boneta talks Old Spice, Father of the Bride, and his Prime deal in this exclusive interview

The artist has a busy year ahead of him

Diego Boneta has had an incredible year. The Mexican actor is not only starring in Father of the Bride which hits HBO Max on June 16th, the actor, singer, and producer signed an overall deal with Prime Video with his production company Three Amigos. Beginning 2023, Boneta will produce and star in a full slate of shows in development while also creating movies, series, and more. Movies and film aside, he also partnered with Old Spice for a TikTok campaign showing off the smell- and sweat-eliminating powers of the brand’s new Sweat Defense Dry Spray. HOLA! USA had the opportunity to talk to the artist about all these exciting developments in his career. Check out our exclusive interview and watch the Old Spice campaign TikTok below.

Diego Boneta©Diego Boneta

So how are you feeling, how’s life? It’s been a really big year for your career.

I’m feeling great. It has been a great year. I’m really excited to be a part of the new, Old Spice campaign, you know, such an iconic brand with iconic, campaigns and really, really, really funny campaigns. And I’m really happy with what we did. I think it’s in the vein of that Old Spice world, with Sweat Defense Dry Spray, and I’m really excited about Amazon overall as well, and Father of the Bride.

Tell me a little bit about what makes you most excited about this partnership with Old Spice? 

Well, what makes me so excited about it is that they’re working with more Latinx talent, and being a part of this, of this new campaign is just so flattering and I’m really excited, to be a part of the new, Old Spice family. And you know, also being able to produce this campaign with them, cause it was not only me doing it, but us working on the creative together, which was a lot of fun. And the first time that we’ve done that under my production company, Three Amigos. .

Cool! Do you have an embarrassing story that you can share with us about a time you weren’t smelling so fresh? I feel like I have a couple of my own. 

Oh yes. Oh yes, I have. I’ve had a couple of times where I’ve forgotten my morning routine to put some deodorant on, to put some Old Spice on and then gone to set in really, really hot and humid location, where I did definitely did not wanna lift my arms up. It was not a good situation.

I know that you are releasing a video on TikTok. What kind of, content do you like making on the app? What gets you excited? 

I like just having fun with TikTok. I feel it’s like the perfect social media app to just have fun. I do a lot of videos with my family as well, with my sister. And obviously, you know, this Old Spice campaign was a lot of fun. It did not feel like a TikTok video, cause it was quite a big production, which we actually shot in my bathroom, in my bedroom.


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So Father of the Bride comes out in June. As a Mexican actor, how do you feel being a part of this Latinx remake of such an iconic film?

I mean, it’s such an honor to be a part of this new remake. And what I love about it is even though it’s a remake there are differences in this movie. Gloria’s character and Andy’s character are going through a divorce, so the tension and the conflict throughout the movie are very different from the other versions of Father of the Bride. And also the fact that it’s- I can’t think of another Hollywood movie that shows the differences and similarities between two Latin cultures. You have a Cuban American family and she’s getting married to a Mexican guy, which is my character. And showing that on screen in a big Hollywood movie, I think it’s very important to show that even though we speak Spanish, there are a lot of different cultures and, in the Latinx community, and I think that’s also really special. And I’m, so pumped that Warner brothers went down that route instead of making it a Cuban American getting married to an American boy, you know? I think that that’s also really, really special. And what sets this movie apart.

Yeah, that’s so true. I’m really excited to watch it. Working with Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia sounds like such a dream. Do you have a favorite onset memory with them? 

I mean just when we shot the wedding scene, we just had so much fun and we really bonded like a family. Being able to work with this amazing cast of legends, like Andy Garcia and Gloria. Gloria, I’ve known for 10 years since Rock of Ages when I shot that in Miami. You know, cause she’s like the queen of Miami, and just her generosity, her friendship, she’s so humble, she’s so down to earth, [it’s] something that I learn from her every day. Her humility and her passion for what she does is just next level.

Father of the Bride©Claudette Barius

Awesome, and tell me a little bit about your Amazon Prime deal, what kind of films are you most excited to produce and star in? 

Yeah, I mean, I’m so honored. I never thought that you know, five years ago when I produced Luis Miguel, that this would come out of that, and Nuevo Orden, (New Order in English), which won the Venice film festival Jury Prize. It’s such an honor to be working with them and I’m so excited. We are on the same page as far as doing, TV, limited series, series, and films that are, in English and Spanish. Some of them happen in Mexico and in Latin America, others don’t, but we wanna make authentic stories with the best filmmakers that are for a global audience, not just for Latin America, not just for the US, but thinking big, thinking global. And that’s what really, really, really excites me, that international audience and doing things that are, with Latin actors, but also foreign actors, in the same project, to appeal to that global side of things. I mean, that’s what I’m really, really excited about.

And since you have a musical ear and are a talented singer-I was just watching you sing with Canelo- are you looking forward to having more control over the kind of music that is played in these upcoming productions? 

Absolutely. It’s funny that you mention that, cause I’m actually doing post-production on a movie that we just shot for Paramount Plus called At Midnight, which is like a love story slash rom-com and we’re starting to work on the music and that’s something that I’m really, really, really passionate about and celebrating. I think that so much of Latin culture is in the music, today and back then as well. So, you know, bringing back those old school, artists and finding new artists as well, is something that I’m really, really excited about.

Yeah. That’s gonna be awesome. And if you could cast anyone tomorrow to be in one of your upcoming movies, who would it be? Say you had all the money, everything, they’re gonna say yes, no matter what.

Hmmm Javier Bardem or Jennifer Lawrence.

Nice those are good ones. Do you have anything else you wanna share with our readers or anything that we should look forward to aside from what we’ve talked about?

Well, that I can’t wait for them to see this TikTok campaign with Sweat Defense Dry spray, and Old Spice. I think people will enjoy it and I can’t wait for them to recreate their own version of it as well. I’ll be looking forward to that, and check out Father of the Bride on HBO Max, on June 16th.

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