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Sophie Turner turned down Met Gala after party because she was too starstruck by Kendall Jenner

Turner attended the Met Gala with her husband Joe Jonas, and was starstruck by all of the celebrities.

Sophie Turner was a guest at “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she discussed her relationship with Joe Jonas, her new HBO show and her experience at the Met Gala. Here, she discussed how starstruck she was by a variety of celebrities, including Kendall Jenner.

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Sophie Turner is starring in a new HBO series.

“Do you get starstruck anymore?” Fallon asked. “I do. I mean I’m really bad around celebrities. I can’t quite fathom that I’m actually invited to these things and that I’m not like a competition winner,” Turner explained. She said that every time she comes across a celebrity she acts up or says stupid things when inside she’s really screaming with excitement. “And recently, if a celebrity interacts with me, I immediately shut them down and I’m like, ‘I don’t want anything to do with you,’’ she said.

Turner then shared her experience meeting Kendall Jenner. “Have you ever heard of her?” she asked the audience, making them laugh. “I love the Kardashians, but she’s so gorgeous in real life and I was so struck by her beauty. She invited me to, they were having like this low key after party, and she went like ‘Do you want to come?’” she said. “And I was like ‘No. No, I don’t.’ And then I just sat in bed and had pasta and i was like, ‘I could be somewhere else right now.”

Turner also discussed her relationship with Joe Jonas and how one time, trying to impress her, he told her that a lot of people compared him to a young George Clooney, which she quickly shut down. “No, you don’t,” she said.

Sophie Turner is currently starring in “The Staircase,” a series inspired on the real life story of Kathleen Peterson. “She either fell or was pushed by someone down the stairs and unfortunately she passed away,” explained Turner on the real life case that inspired the show and a Netflix documentary that immediately went viral. “And the whole documentary is following the trial of her husband, MIchael Peterson, who they believed pushed her down the stairs. This show is about that but it’s not another telling of the same thing, it’s actually about the making of the documentary on top of the case that’s going on. There’s layers and layers and layers of corrumption,” she said.

“The Staircase” stars Colin Firth, Toni Collette, and more. The first three episodes are currently streaming on HBO Max.

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