Madonna’s recent TikTok has people confused

Her eyes were just a little red

Madonna is one of the many celebrities on TikTok sharing random, uncurated, content to the world. The singer loves to share videos of her face up close to the camera, but her recent video had some people confused.


In the clip, which is set to her and Sickkick’s song “Frozen,” Madonna is using what looks like an eyelash filter but is otherwise rocking a fresh face with lipstick. She appears to just be vibing at home, having fun with the app, but it seems the red-eyed kissy-face clip didn’t find its target audience.

Madonna has 1.6 million followers on the app, but there are over 1 billion users who could find her content on their “For You” page. The video has 9.5 million views at this time, with only 172.9 thousand likes. There are also over 37 thousand comments that are unfortunately not the kindest, “This honestly scared me I’m not gonna lie,” reads the top liked comment. “Is she okay, though,” another wrote. Others speculated that the singer was “on” something.

Thankfully the video found its way to Madonna’s fans who defended her in the comments. “The way I know 90% of these people in these comments don’t know her huge cultural impact,” said one commenter. “Ya’ll need to leave Madonna alone. She’s a legend. Period,” another wrote.

Thankfully it doesn’t look like the mean comments are going to stop Madonna from sharing her videos on TikTok. On Monday, the singer shared a video jamming along to her song her eyes were covered this time with sunglasses.