Marc Anthony goes partying in Mexico City with his new love
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Marc Anthony goes partying in Mexico City with his new love

The salsa singer seemed very happy to be next to Miss Paraguay

Marc Anthony is touring several cities with his OPUS Tour. The salsa singer is also making time to enjoy the best spots at each stop. During his recent visit to Mexico City, the superstar was caught having an excellent next to a beautiful woman!

The interpreter of “Vivir mi Vida” enjoyed an evening in Polanco, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City, alongside Sebastián Yatra and Miss Paraguay.

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Marc Anthony goes partying in Mexico City with his new love

Viral videos (courtesy of the user @miguel_cabello_moco) show Marc Anthony surrounded by people enjoying themselves in a Greek food restaurant. Among his companions was Arturo Elías Ayub, one of the most prominent businessmen in Mexico, known for the Mexican version of Shark Tank, and been Carlos Slim’s son-in-law.

To the rhythm of the Zorba Dance, dancing and breaking some plates, Marc, visibly excited, turned around the woman who was accompanying him, and they shared passionate kisses..

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Marc Anthony in Polanco with Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay

Who was that mysterious woman? Fans believe that he is kissing Nadia Ferreira, Miss Paraguay, who represented her country in Miss Universe 2021, finishing as the first runner-up of the 70th edition.

On social media, Ferreira remains discreet and has no videos or posts next to Marc or their alleged fun night out in Mexico City; however, the singer does appear among his followers on Instagram.

The 22-year-old model has lived in the Mexican capital for two years and even considers Mexico her “second home.” So with Marc on tour in the capital, Nadia may have been the perfect host.

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Nadia Ferreira representing her country in Miss Universo

Marc seems to have a weakness for women who have competed in Miss Universe. His first wife, Dayanara Torres, represented Puerto Rico and triumphed in Miss Universe 1993.

As for Sebastián Yatra’s video, the Colombian singer appears in the same restaurant with a young blonde woman, and like Marc Anthony, he seems to be breaking some plates as part of a Greek tradition.