Celebrity Sightings In Paris - January 23th, 2022

Kanye West and Julia Fox twin and make their red carpet debut in Paris Fashion Week

The couple made very memorable appearance at the Kenzo Paris Fashion Week Show

Kanye West and Julia Fox made their red carpet debut this Sunday. The two wore all jean outfits as they arrived at the Kenzo Paris Fashion Week show.

Celebrity Sightings In Paris - January 23th, 2022©GettyImages
Kanye and Julia made a striking pair as they arrived in Paris.

Kanye and Julia enjoyed their time on the show, giving photographers a smoldering look as they entered the building.

Kanye wore dark sunglasses, black gloves and a combination of jeans and jacket, with tall black boots. Julia wore a similar jean outfit, including a jacket with a Madonna-like cone shaped chest, a bare midriff, jeans and jean boots. She wore dark make up in her eyes, giving the look a memorable effect.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 04, 2022©GettyImages
Kanye and Julia in New York.

Kanye and Julia have been all over the news throughout the past month. The two, who first met on New Year’s Eve, have made their relationship work despite living in different locations, with Julia based in New York and Kanye based in Los Angeles.

Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve gone out for dinner at luxurious restaurants, and have spent time with notorious artists like Madonna, Floyd Mayweather, Jeremy O’Harris, Antonio Brown and more. “They all had dinner in the private dining room. They came separately but just ended up having dinner together,” a source tells People. “Kanye and Julia wouldn‘t leave each other’s sides.”

Kanye and Julia then spent a few days apart due to family commitments. While Kanye was celebrating the birthday of his daughter, Chicago, Julia was celebrating the birthday of her son, Valentino, who just turned 1. “My beautiful baby is 1 today!!” Fox wrote on Instagram. “Thank you so much for showing me what love is. Thank you for humbling me and teaching me patience and hard work. Thank you for being my biggest blessing. My greatest accomplishment. My masterpiece. I don‘t deserve you but somehow we’re here and I promise to love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are.”

Before their trip to Paris, Kanye and Julia met in the Miami airport and hugged, happily celebrating their reunion.

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