Shawn Mendes workout
Smoothie run

Shawn Mendes looks sweaty and happy as he leaves the gym

The singer was photographed as he left his gym in Los Angeles

It looks like Shawn Mendes had a really good workout. The songwriter and singer was photographed leaving the gym, looking happy and fit with a sleeveless shirt.

Shawn Mendes post workout©GrosbyGroup
Shawn wore a sleeveless shirt and shorts for his workout.

Photographers captured Shawn as he left the gym Equinox in Los Angeles, with a towel around his neck and a sweatshirt on his arm. He was then spotted holding a smoothie, smiling and laughing at nothing in particular.

Shawn Mendes workout©GrosbyGroup
He looked smiley as he grabbed a smoothie.

Recently, Shawn has been working on new music, promoting it and teasing it on social media. His most recent video features him and one of his producers in a car, listening to a new song they’ve been working on and bobbing their heads along to it. The video then cuts to the two of them at the studio, with Shawn playing the guitar. “y’all dig this ?” Shawn captioned the post.

The video prompted a lot of responses from his followers, including friends and fans, who can’t wait to hear the full version. Camila Cabello, his ex, dropped a comment of support and encouragement. “Ur crazy wildcat,” she wrote.

Shawn recently released the music video for his most recent release, “It’ll Be Okay.” The song addresses his break up with Camila, with lyrics discussing what he’d been feeling during those moments. The video was shot in Toronto, a place Shawn calls one of his favorites and “where I usually go back to process things and where you’ll find me in my most intimate moments.” It features him walking on empty streets and performing the song.

Shawn and Camila announced their breakup in a joint statement. While it has been sad for many of their fans, who looked up to them and their relationship, it appears that the two are still good friends, supporting each other in their music and work.