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Mental health break? Ariana Grande’s Twitter account mysteriously disappears

While some think this might be a strategy, others believe she is taking a break from toxicity

Fans of Ariana Grande spent their Christmas confused and worried. The singer and businesswoman deactivated her Twitter account for unknown reasons. While some think this might be a strategy since she still posts on her Instagram account, others believe she is taking a mental health break, primarily since many users of the social media platform are known for their toxicity.

“Ariana deactivating isn’t surprising.. people, including many of her OWN fans have been saying the vilest things against her without consequences, her mental health comes first so i hope she’ll be ok,” a person wrote.

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When looking for her Twitter handle, you might be able to see the message that reads: “This account doesn’t exist. Try searching for another.”

Her fans are even describing the situation as “dark times” and are considering deactivation their accounts too. “ariana went from telling us she loves us every day to deactivating… these r dark times,” one of Grande’s fans wrote. “Ariana deactivated. there’s no point of Twitter anymore,” another person said.

To date, Ariana hasn’t addressed her Twitter situation; however, she shared Christmas wishes on her IG Story. “Happy merry!!! Thinking of you all and wishing you the warmest, happiest and healthiest always. :) Love you so very much,” she wrote.

Grande also posted a message that called for empathy to those who might be struggling with the loss of a loved one during the holiday season.

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