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Barack Obama shows off his presidential body while in Hawaii with the family

Malia and Sasha have the same love of the ocean as their father

The Obama family headed to Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii for their annual Christmas trip and didn’t miss a beat soaking up the sun. Last week Barack and his daughters Malia,23, and Sasha,20, were photographed on separate occasions as they spent time in Oahu’s blue water. Malia looked sporty in a pink tie-dye bathing suit, white skirt, and truck driver style hat while Sasha rocked a red bikini.

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Barack was born in Honolulu and he lived in Hawaii until he was 14. The ocean lover spent time bodysurfing off Sandy Beach Park, surrounded by the pacific ocean and it looks like his daughters have the same appreciation for the waters. Malia and Sasha looked like professionals as they balanced with ease.

The 55-year-old is known for staying healthy and fit and he went for a solo swim on Saturday. His wife Michelle Obama was not photographed on any of the outings but she is likely on the trip with the family.

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Hawaii holds a special place in Barack’s heart and he has said in the past the state and his mother shaped his love of nature. He told National Geographic in 2016, his late mother Ann Dunham, was “the kind of person who would wake me up to see a full moon if it was particularly spectacular. She took me around to natural history museums.” “So I give her a lot of credit for, not only appreciating the amazing wonder of our planet and the oceans and skies, but also a deep-rooted belief of the power of the human mind and science and rationality to figure stuff out,” he added.

In November at the United Nations Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland the former president used a Hawaiian proverb to motivate countries to work together, “There’s an old Hawaiian proverb, ‘Pupukahi I Holomua.’ That’s roughly translated into ‘unite to move forward,’” the 44th president said. “It’s a reminder that if you want to paddle a canoe, you better all be rowing in the same direction, and at the same time, every oar has to move in unison. That’s the only way that you move forward. And that’s the kind of spirit that we need to protect our island resources. That’s the kind of spirit we need to protect our people,” Barack added, per Hawaii News Now.

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