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Vanessa Lachey gushes over her dream man Ryan Reynolds and jokes about how Nick Lachey ruined her chances

“In another life” - Katy Perry

 Vanessa Lachey joined the “LadyGang” podcast for an episode published Tuesday and the former TRL host held nothing back when talking about how fondly she thinks of Ryan Reynolds. “I just think he hung the sun, moon, and stars,” she explained. Vanessa went on to share a hilarious story about the day she found out Reynolds was a single guy again- which happened to be the same day she became monogamous with Nick Lachey.

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When asked if Nick didn’t exist and she had to fall in love with another boy bander who would it be Vanessa asked, “does it have to be a boy bander?” before revealing, “We joke about my- ya know whatever,” Vanessa said, (possibly alluding to her ‘free pass’ or fantasy guy). “He’s married now and I love them together- It’s Ryan Reynolds. I just think he’s so charming. He’s like an action star, but he’s so self-deprecating and he’s so funny and he’s so- all of the things,” she gushed.

The 41-year-old went on to share a funny story about the time she could have had her chance after Reynolds split from fiancée Alanis Morissette. She went on to explain how Reynolds is basically like a God to her. “I’ve been married for 10 years, with him for 15, so it’s fine. But Ryan has always been my like- I just think he hung the sun, moon, and stars. And he was single at the time you know and then he got engaged to Alanis Morissette so I was like okay in my mind he’s off the market. I respect that I believe in that.”

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At the time, Nick was also married to Jessica Simpson. “Nick was in a previous relationship — he was taken. Even though I loved the guy, I was like, ‘He’s married. Don’t mess with that. Bad karma girl. Like, do not mess with that,’” she explained. After Nick and Simpson split they started talking “loosely for a few months” before making things official, and monogamous as boyfriend and girlfriend.

She was excited to share the news with her friends at TRL and said, “I’ll never forget, I came into TRL and I told my hair and makeup girls, ‘Nick and I made it official! We’re boyfriend, girlfriend.’” But her hair girl had news for her too, “My hair girl goes, ‘Maybe this isn’t the time I should tell you, Ryan Reynolds and Alanis called off their engagement,“ she said. “You couldn’t tell me this yesterday,” Vanessa joked before adding “not that it would have changed anything.”

“I remember that day vividly because it was the day we decided to be monogamous,” she said, “it was also the day they decided to break off their engagement.” Now Vanessa says she jokes with Nick but says she passed her first test that day by not taking the bait.

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