Avril Lavigne ft. Travis Barker on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Avril Lavigne performs her new single “Bite Me” with Travis Barker on ‘Ellen’

The pair have known eachother for 15 years

Avril Lavigne is back and better than ever!

The star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday, November 30 to talk about everything she has coming up in the next few months.

During her appearance, Lavigne talked to Ellen about going back on the road after the pandemic and how it feels working with her longtime friend, Travis Barker. She also talked about signing with Barker’s label, DTA Records, saying it felt like the right decision after knowing the musician for 15 years.

The singer also opened up about her boyfriend, Mod Sun, discussing the fact that he has her name tattooed on his neck--plus, she reveals whether she would do the same with his name.

“Do you have his name on you?” Ellen asked, to which Avril replied, “Um...not yet,” going on to say she’s “probably” going to get a tattoo of his name at some point.

Lavigne went on to talk about the meaning behind her new single, “Bite Me” and how it relates to her relationship history.

It’s kinda just like, not giving a guy a second chance who doesn’t deserve it. And, just, you know, a big...” she says before flashing her middle fingers straight to the cameras.

“Just, like, having self worth and self respect,” the singer continued. “And a lot of this album I went into making this--like I’m in a good place in my life right now, so it’s light-spirited, but I was sort of reflecting back at like...my life in love, I haven’t had the best luck. But, sort of poking fun at it.”

Later on in the show, she took the stage to perform her new single, featuring an appearance by Travis Barker on the drums. Check that out down below.

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