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Selena Gomez and Chris Evans are dating? Fans find clues that link them together

A video on TikTok claims to spot a covert Selena in one of Chris’ Instagram videos.

Followers of the supposed romance between Selena Gomez and Chris Evans have found more ammunition for their case. According to TikTok sleuths, they believe Selena made a brief appearance in one of Chris’ Instagram videos.

Chris Evans Instagram story©Chris Evans
Chris Evans has been posting updates of regarding his piano playing skills.

The video in question shows Evans playing the piano, an activity he’s been practicing and posting about over the past weeks. On the corner of the video, if you look really closely, we can see that there’s a mystery brunette recording it. “Whose the brunette filming bottom right corner Chris?” wrote the author of the video. “Is that Selena?!” said someone in the comments of the video.

Chris Evans TikTok©GirlGang773
The TikTok video shows a zoomed in reflection which could be Selena if you really squint.

A TikTok user made a video featuring the original clip posted by Evans, adding in questions and zooming in on the areas where they think Selena is present. To be honest, the evidence is pretty farfetched and not all that conclusive, but crazier things have happened and TikTok does get a lot of things right.

The rumors between Chris Evans and Selena Gomez started on social media, specifically on Twitter, where people called out the fact that Evans started following Gomez on Instagram recently, and that he’s very selective of the people he follows, following less than 200 users. Because that’s super incriminating. Further evidence points that Chris and Selena both left the same restaurant and building within a span of days.

Selena Gomez©@selenagomez
The actress and singer has been very busy, appearing in TV shows and having collaborations with a wide variety of artists.

While these types of rumors are always a little exciting, the truth could be something much simpler, like Chris and Selena are working on a project together, or Chris started following her because he liked her TV show or had a listen to one of her new songs.

While Chris and Selena already have a legion of stans, we’re gonna need a little bit more evidence before we believe these rumors are the real deal. But we’re open to it, of course.

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