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Heidi Halloween!

Heidi Klum teases her Halloween outfit and it’s seriously spooky

The model shared a gruesome sneak peek of her Halloween outfit

Heidi Klum is known for her love of Halloween. This year, she’s taking her costume and her Halloween plans in reliably extreme and awesome directions. On Instagram, she posted a sneak peek of one of her looks, which features an exposed and gruesome spine.

The spine, which was carefully brought to life with some vivid makeup, was highlighted in an Instagram boomerang. “Never look back, the past is a wilderness of horrors 😳 #HeidiHalloween2021” Heidi has been using that hashtag whenever she posts anything Halloween-related. We can expect her full vision to be revealed on October 31st.

Heidi’s last post is a video that features a very spooky setup, shot with professional cameras and featuring a variety of models. The clip, which lasts 54 seconds, features a voice-over of Heidi, saying “ When there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth.” She’s seen eating foods that look a bit disturbing, like human remains, cooking, laughing, and doing a variety of things with a very threatening aura.

Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween for a reason; over the years the model has worn a variety of amazing and spooky-looking outfits, from Jessica Rabbit to someone with their skin removed. She tends to favor content that goes beyond eye-catching costumes and photos; Heidi likes to create a spooky narrative that, while fun, is also a bit disturbing. One of the most fun aspects of her Halloween outfits and attitude is the fact that she’s never afraid to be scary and gruesome, paying little attention to something that’s cute.

We’re not sure what are Heidi’s plans for this Halloween; whether it’s a party, a dinner, a video released over her social media, or simply a set of amazing photos, we can’t wait to watch.

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