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Enrique Iglesias opens up about the decade he cut all contact with dad Julio Iglesias

The singer also spoke about his life as a family man

Enrique Iglesias’ life has not been the same since the arrival of his twins Lucy and Nicholas with former tennis player Anna Kournikova. Since then, the singer's view of life has completely changed, especially when compared to his outlook when he was 18, when he distanced himself completely from his family in search of his own musical success. In a candid interview, the Súbeme la Radio singer spoke about his relationship with his father, Julio Iglesias, and how complicated it was to be distanced from him for a decade.

Enrique Iglesias y sus hijos©@enriqueiglesias
Enrique Iglesias with Lucy and Nicholas, his twins of almost two years

“At 18, I separated from my family completely and it was difficult. I left and for ten years I had absolutely no contact with my father," the Spanish singer confessed to ICON magazine during a candid interview. Although his beginnings in music were not easy, he wanted to forge his own career without anyone telling him what to do.

"I suffered a lot. But what I felt for my music gave me strength. And, above all, I pursued the goal to do it my way," he confessed. Today Enrique looks to the past and sees "a dreamer and brave kid," despite the advantages of having of a famous father. "Have I had opportunities that other artists may not have had? Of course," he says sincerely. However, for him, "It's impossible to succeed in this business if you don't have songs that connect with the public."

Enrique Iglesias opens up about the estrangement he had for years with his father

The situation is now very different. A few days ago, the singer felt the need to talk to his father. "We had a very nice conversation. It was a very good mood ... It comforted me a lot," he confessed about the exchange. In that revelation, Enrique assured that his twins are his main reason for joy.

Julio Iglesias, a loving grandfather

Contrary to reports published in the tabloids, Julio Iglesias is present in the life of his grandchildren. "The legend says that I have not met them: I know my grandchildren by heart," he told Televisa Espectáculos a few months back. "I see myself reflected a lot in Enrique and Enrique is the father of his children, who are my grandchildren. In my granddaughter, I see a lot of Iglesias, in [Nicholas] I see more of the Russian side. Everything is transmitted, genetics is magical," he added about the little ones.

Enrique Iglesias y sus hijos©@annakournikova
Lucy and Nicholas are about to turn two

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova and their twins are one of Hollywood’s most beautiful families. And although they have kept their relationship away from the media for almost two decades, the loving parents occasionally take to their social media to share some of their funniest and most tender moments as parents with fans.

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