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Salma Hayek’s daughter Valentina Paloma is her mom’s ‘mini-me’ in adorable toddler photo

The Mexican actress posted a beautiful picture with her daughter Valentina Paloma to mark the ‘Celebration of Life Day’

Salma Hayek melted her fans’ hearts with a cute new image she shared on social media. The Mexican actress marked the ‘Celebration of Life Day’ on January 22, with a beautiful picture of herself and daughter Valentina Paloma. “Nothing can compare to the delight of your child’s spirit,” read the caption of the snap where Mrs Pinault carries adorable Valentina in her arms. The picture, taken some years ago, shows Salma’s daughter in a pink sweater, the cutest heart-shaped pacifier, and a cheeky little smile, but this was not what caught the attention of the star’s fans.

Salma Hayek and daughter Valentina Paloma in TB picture©salmahayek

“She is so beautiful she looks just like you, amazing beautiful spirit,” said one of the many comments pointing out the striking resemblance between the 53-year-old and the now 12-year-old “mini-Salma.”

Valentina Paloma is fashion mogul Francois Henri Pinault and Salma’s daughter. Over the years her famous parents have kept her largely out of the spotlight, so naturally Selma’s fans are super excited every time a picture of the youngster is published.

The last time we could appreciate how much Valentina has changed over the years was in another snap shared by her mother during the family’s Thanksgiving celebrations. With long, wavy locks and a black sweater, Salma’s daughter looks like a beautiful señorita, growing more like her mom every day.

Salma Hayek's daughter Valentina Paloma Thanksgiving©salmahayek
We could appreciate how much Valentina has grown in the picture that Salma shared for Thanksgiving

Valentina and her mom share a strong bond and they’re not only alike in looks but also in spirit too. Salma and her daughter are creative souls, while the Mexican actress is focused on her film career, it appears that Valentina likes photography- she took an amazing picture of her mom that was proudly shared online - and has shown interest in fashion. There’s something else they both share, according to the star: “Valentina and I are not very similar personality-wise. But she doesn’t have stage fright on camera. In my family, everyone is very confident, graceful and light. Valentina and I are the ones who panic on stage. But she gets in front of the camera with no problem,” she told HOLA! USA. Does this mean we’ll have another movie star in the family? We’ll have to wait and see!

Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina Paloma in fedora hats©GrosbyGroup
With such a stylish mother, it´s not a surprise Valentina is also a fashionista

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