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Khloé Kardashian talks about her family’s partnership with Hulu on ‘The Ellen Show’

The entrepreneur and TV personality talked about her new show and Kim Kardashian’s SNL performance.

Khloé Kardashian is one of the upcoming guests on the last season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The entrepreneur and TV personality talked about some of the most recent occurrences surrounding her family, from Kim Kardashian’s SNL performance to their partnership with Hulu.

Khloe Kardashian Ellen DeGeneres Show©Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Khloé was one of the guests on the last season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Khloé’s episode on The Ellen Show will premiere this Thursday. In it she discussed a variety of topics, most importantly, the release date of the Kardashian-Jenner’s new streaming endeavor. “I think in a few months, either end of January, early February,” Khloé said of the program’s release date.

“That‘s fast!” said Ellen. Khloé explained that working with Hulu was a contributing factor in terms of the speed in which they release content. “Really fast! That’s the beauty of Hulu, we‘re streaming, and we get to have a much quicker turnaround than previously. We’re really excited.”

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” aired for 20 seasons on E! Entertainment, covering marriages, divorces, the birth of babies, and the ups and downs of one of the most famous families in America. While there’s much that’s unknown about the Kardashian-Jenner’s new show, Hulu signed a multi-year partnership with Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, Kris, Kendall, and Kylie.

Aside from the Kardashians’ plans to take over the world of streaming, Khloé also talked about Kim’s SNL’s performance, calling her a hard worker and someone who has a hilarious sense of humor. “I knew she was gonna do a good job,” said Khloé. “Kim’s not gonna take on something that she knows she can’t do. She wants to challenge herself but she also loves to prove everyone wrong. I know how funny she is, I know how witty and great she is.”

Kim’s SNL performance was much discussed, with many calling her work hilarious and successful despite the doubts that a lot of people had before the episode’s release date. In the weeks prior to the episode, media outlets claimed Kim was nervous, something Khloé denied. “She had a 20-hour day,” said Khloé, talking about the day before Kim’s SNL show. “And in between, she’s studying law school, she is checking in on her kids, she’s still doing everything else that she has to do. She’s such a workhorse and does everything with a smile.”

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