"Time Is Up" Red Carpet - 19th Alice Nella Città 2021
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Bella Thorne and fiancé Benjamin Mascolo attend ‘Time Is Up’ premiere in Rome

The actress and singer looked stunning in a tight black dress.

Bella Thorne and her fiancé Benjamin Mascolo looked stunning at their new film premiere. The pair posed for photographs as they walked on the red carpet at their film’s premiere in Rome.

"Time Is Up" Red Carpet - 19th Alice Nella Città 2021©GettyImages
Bella and Benjamin at the premiere of their film “Time Is Up.”

Bella and Benjamin wore matching black outfits, with Bella wearing her trademark red hair pulled up in a classic hairstyle. She wore a tight fitting black dress with a slit in the leg and a pin in the breast. She complimented her outfit with black heels and jewelry.

Benjamin wore an all black outfit, made up of a black suit, shirt, pants and shoes, that he paired with some sunglasses.

"Time Is Up" Red Carpet - 19th Alice Nella Città 2021©GettyImages
Bella wore her hair pinned and accesorized with jewelry to complement her look.

The pair, who got engaged in March of this year, are starring in the film together. “Time Is Up” is an Italian romance, directed by Elisa Amoruso, that follows two mismatched people who, following an accident, are forced to live their lives in the moment. While Bella Thorne has been acting since her youth in the Disney Channel, this is Benjamin Mascolo’s first movie role. Over the past years, he’s mostly been focused on his musical career.

The couple hopes to get married next summer and want to have two weddings. “We hope between June, July, August. The truth is, we have so much work, we want to find the time to enjoy the wedding. We don‘t want to rush it,” Mascolo explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Bella recently celebrated her 24th birthday, where she looked stunning and celebrated alongside her fiancé and friends.

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