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Ángela Aguilar celebrates her 18th birthday as she enters an exciting new era in her career

With a new album, her tour underway, ‘Jaripeo Sin Fronteras’, a powerful fan base of ‘angelitos’ and a very promising future, Ángela has plenty of reasons to welcome this important birthday with happiness.

For Ángela Aguilar, this year is a special one as she celebrates her 18th birthday. In the prime of her youth and with her whole life ahead of her, Ángela has even more reasons to enjoy this new stage in her life. She recently presented her new production ‘Mexicana Enamorada’, which has become a sensation within only days of its release - Aguilar’s Mexican roots are proudly displayed in her musical work.

As if that were not enough, her song with Christian Nodal, ‘Dime Cómo Quieres’, which is part of her new CD, also made the top Billboard Global 200, and it is the first song by Mexican artists to make the list.

With a new album, her tour underway, ‘Jaripeo Sin Fronteras’, a powerful fan base of ‘angelitos’ and a very promising future, Ángela welcomes her 18th birthday with happiness and success.

“(I‘m) excited, nervous. I know that nothing will change, but at the same time many things will change. It’s a different feeling, I think. As Mexicans, turning 18 is something very important.”

The regional Mexican singer spoke to HOLA! USA about this important day in her life, as well as the emotion behind her most recent artistic work with unpublished songs. In this conversation, many topics were covered including whether or not there is time for love between tours and new productions. In addition to revealing her dreams and greatest short-term goals, she addresses the ways in which her family has influenced her career so that it is in exactly the place she desires.

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How does it feel to turn 18?

I feel excited and nervous. I know that nothing will change but at the same time, it generates many things for me. It is a different feeling that has never happened to me. For example, in concerts, in the jaripeos that we have done during the last three or four weeks I have said: “My birthday is coming, my birthday is in a week” and everyone is like: “Wow!” I think it makes me a little nervous because as Mexicans, turning 18 is very important but, I know that in the United States it is different. I am excited to know what life will bring me in this new year.

How do you perceive yourself in this lap around the sun? Do you feel that you have changed something, in your style?

Well, I feel like a 9-year-old girl who has just released her album. I feel like that Ángela Aguilar from the album ‘New Tradition’ recording with her brother, who didn‘t have a tooth. That’s how I feel but with more experience! Something very cool is that fashion evolves with you, with the time you are in life. I think that if I had seen myself when I was 9 years old and the only thing I wanted to wear was a princess dress or a quinceañera dress and she saw me like that right now very calm in a sweater, I think I would even get angry. That is why I say that fashion is evolving with you.

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Photo: Carlos Latapí

You still look just as pretty as you did when you first walked the red carpets!

Thank you! I think I have very good guidance because my mom always leads me down the path of fashion, along with everything else. I think I have learned a couple of tricks during my career and more than anything, every time I feel more like myself and I get caught up in what I want to do. I have dressed in men‘s clothing. I go to the men’s section, I buy some pants, a large-size shirt and I put on some earrings. I mean, in between that and I can also wear a tight dress with heels. I like to play with fashion, it treats me like not putting a description to what I like in fashion.

What did you get out of making your newest album, ‘Mexicana Enamorada’?

This record was like the culmination of all the last records that I made. This album was one of the most honest because they were 100 percent unreleased songs. I was there choosing each song with my Dad and my Mom. I wrote a couple of songs that I had never done before. I had never taught my compositions. I also had the opportunity to do a couple of collaborations, but the one that moved me the most was the one I did with Jesse & Joy. I had seen them since I was little, from that girl in ‘New Tradition’. That girl ate cereal for the song ‘Espacio sideral’ because the song says: “In a bowl of cereal”, so my mother would play that song for me every time I ate cereal before I went to school. The fact that they became my friends over the years, the fact that I could send them a WhatsApp to listen to a song or to do it... that was what moved me the most. I think the 9-year-old girl would be very proud of me.

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Of the songs on your new album, the single ‘Ahí donde me ven’ is very heartbreaking. At 18 years old, have you ever had a broken heart?

“Wherever he sees me”, I can‘t tell you much ... but I can tell you that that song was written for me (laughs).

Now that you are 18 years old, will you prioritize love or having a boyfriend?

Yes, I‘m older, obviously, but I’m not looking for it right now. If it comes, what excitement! People are going to go crazy because I think they have never seen me with anyone, so that way it is going to be a lot of fun. On the other hand, the truth is that she who does not search cannot find and I am not looking right now, but I will notify you when I search and you help me to search (laughs).

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¿What advice would you give the 9-year-old Angela?

I think I would tell her a couple of things. The first: “be careful with your eyebrows” because fashion is going to be very crazy and your eyebrows are going to be very big and you have to take care of that. Another thing I would tell you is to start writing right now. I started writing about two years ago; So, if at 9 I had started writing, I would have been super-advanced right now. Ah! And let her start riding [on horseback] because I started riding about three or four years ago, if I had started at 9, then imagine. And that she is very honest with herself, because I feel that something I learned right now is not to get ahead of myself. You don‘t have to anticipate living things. You don’t have to anticipate wanting to be number one. Something I learned from this album is that you take it slow and steady and with confident steps.

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Photo: Carlos Latapí

How do you project yourself as relaxed and grounded?

Well, they catch me with blows if I‘m not down, imagine… (laughs). It is that no matter what I do, my father has already done it and done it better than me. So, everything I learn and everything else, my parents are like 20 years ahead. It is cool because they are not surprised, but they appreciate it. I am very grateful to have a family that always wants me to turn to the stars, to try to be the best that I am, to work and strive, but at the same time, they want me to be well-grounded, with my roots very intact. This is something that I have and that many people in the industry do not have. For me, it is a great privilege. I hated it when I was little, but now it’s one of my favorite things.

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At 18 years old, what are the things that you are most grateful for besides having your family?

I am grateful to have the support of so many hearts around the world. I think that beyond people we are like souls and it is very cool to be able to be connected to something that is very simple, which is music. It‘s fun being able to be connected to an entire generation. It fascinates me when they tell me that two people met through one of my songs. I’m grateful for my family, my little angels, my fans, that‘s what I usually call them. I am grateful even to my past because it has led me to where I am right now. Also with my parents because they introduced me to an incredible genre and without their help, I would have never been able to find it or perhaps I would have found it too late. The fact that they have given me the freedom to be able to do my thing and express it in a way that is honest to me is just love.

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How will you celebrate your birthday?

I am very crazy when it comes to my parties and you can see it in my blogs. It took me four months to plan the party, with balloons, colors, glitter and so much more… and right now I can‘t because one: I’m in the United States and two: we‘re on tour, literally. On the same day as my birthday, I have a show in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m not going to have a party but I‘m going to have about 15 thousand people singing “Las mañanitas” to me, that’s fun too. I am very calm. I‘m not going to go to the club to dance, but I do eat a lot. I think we are going to eat and do a special activity. I’m going to get my nails full of glitter. When we go back to Mexico, I‘m going to have a gettogether, a party or something like that. But here in America I just warm my throat so I can sing well on my birthday.

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Photo: Sergio Valenzuela

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