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Amal Clooney says there’s one George Clooney movie she’s not allowed to watch

There’s one film that haunts George Clooney to this day.

George Clooney has one of the world’s most recognizable names. He’s had an impressive career, filled with great acting performances, successful writing and directing jobs, and appearances in superhero films. According to his wife, Amal Clooney, while their family can enjoy most of his work, there’s one film in particular that’s banned from their house: “Batman & Robin.”

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Amal and George Clooney walking in New York.

The couple made an appearance at the premiere of George’s new movie “The Tender Bar,” where they answered some questions from the press. When speaking with Variety, the interviewer asked whether Clooney would be making an appearance in “The Flash,” the new DC movie, which has an important appearance from Batman.

Clooney played the role of Batman for the movie “Batman & Robin,” and it was one of the worst received versions of the character by critics and audiences alike. “When you destroy a franchise the way I did, usually they look the other way when The Flash comes by,” said Clooney. Amal pitched in and said, “He won‘t let me watch it.” “There are certain films I just go, ‘I want my wife to have some respect for me,” Clooney said.

While it appears that Amal is happy to miss out on all of the cringey glory of “Batman & Robin,” she did say that their kids would likely want to watch the movie at some point. “It‘s on the banned list, but I think the kids are gonna want to watch it’” she said. George and Amal share twins, 4-year-olds Alexander and Ella. George sighed and said “It‘s bad when your four-year-old kid goes, ’This sucks.’ That would be really painful.”

“Batman & Robin” is the sequel to “Batman Forever,” with Clooney replacing Val Kilmer in the lead role. The film is a crowded thing, featuring the introduction of Robin, played by Chris O’Donnell, Batgirl, played by Alicia Silverstone, a villains played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Uma Thurman. Clooney has spoken about the film in the past in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying “I wasn‘t good in it, it wasn’t a good film,” and that he learned some valuable lessons from being in it. “What I learned from that failure was that I had to relearn how I was working. Now, I wasn‘t just an actor getting a role, I was being held responsible for the film itself,” he said.

George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Paris premiere of “Batman & Robin.”