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‘90s throwback

Alicia Silverstone and Christian Siriano recreate iconic ‘Clueless’ scene

The movie remains iconic to this day.

Alicia Silverstone spent some days in Provence, France, vacationing with her family and Christian Siriano. She and Christian had fun together and recreated an iconic scene from “Clueless.”

In an Instagram reel, Alicia and Christian recreated the moment in the film where the characters of Cher and Christian watch a movie together. Thinking that they’re flirting and that Christian is attracted to her, Cher tries to make a move only to have it fail ridiculously.

Alicia captioned it: “I finally got Christian in bed!” Fittingly, Christian Siriano looks a lot like Christian from “Clueless,” sharing the same name. He’s also gay, which is another thing the two have in common.

“Clueless” came out in 1995 and it remains one of Hollywood’s most iconic movies. Alicia Silverstone, who’s had a long acting career, is still remembered for her character of Cher Horowitz, which has been referenced in dozens of films and music videos. The film proved pivotal for the career of many great actors of that generation, including Paul Rudd, Stacey Dash, and the late Brittany Murphy.

Alicia has often recreated scenes from “Clueless” in her social media. A couple of weeks ago, for the film’s 26th anniversary, she and her son Bear recreated another iconic scene. In the clip they posted, Bear plays the part of Cher’s father and Alicia plays the role of Cher, with both perfectly dubbing the lines.

She captioned it: “What’s up daddy?! 😂 Today marks 26 years since Clueless premiered!”

In the near future, Alicia has several films coming up, including “Senior Year” with Rebel Wilson and Justin Hartley. She has one son with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki.