Sofia Vergara almost eats brawn on AGT

Sofia Vergara almost eats pig jelly on America’s Got Talent

Apparently it’s a British delicacy

If you’re a judge on America’s Got Talent, there is a risk of injury, death, and eating jelly made out of a pig‘s head. On Tuesday’s episode of the competition show mentalist, Peter Antoniou proved his mind-reading ability when he asked Simon Cowell to choose what color jar Sofia Vergara has to eat from. There were 4 choices and 3 of which were full of “brawn.” The mentalist explains in gross detail that brawn is the British delicacy made of the offcuts of a pics face, “the eyelids, the ears, the Grissom, all set into a savory jelly.” “Why do I have to be the one punished” Vergara quipped when she heard what was at risk of going in her mouth.

Sofia Vergara almost eats brawn on AGT©America's Got Talent

The pressure was on Cowell to pick the right color and he changed his mind several times before finally sticking to the color yellow. As they eliminated the cans they got to the last two colors and Vergara was given a blindfold for a blind taste test. She touched the food for a moment with a fork describing it as “squishy” before finally getting the courage to taste it. She looked genuinely terrified as she put the food in her mouth before smiling and throwing a thumbs up.

It’s not the first time Antoniou has freaked out Vergara on stage. In June the mentalist left Sofia Vergara speechless after finding her “lost” wedding ring. Antonious took the judges to a room where there were 1000 ring boxes sprawled around and with Vergara and Antonious turned around, Cowell hid the ring in one of the boxes. He asked Vergara to think of detail about her engagement that only she would know and on the first guess, he found the ring. Antonious then revealed the detail that nobody else in the world could have known“there’s a detail about your engagement that was stuck in your mind that no one knows, Joe got down on one knee and as soon as he did- there was a rainbow. Is that correct?” After Vergara’s eyes began to water and a huge smile flashed on her face, and she said he was right.