Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara

Simon Cowell pulled a scary prank on Sofia Vergara that left her stunned

The prank took place on this week’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’

The judges of ‘America’s Got Talent’ seem to be having a lot of fun playing pranks on each other until one prank might have gone too far.

On Tuesday night’s episode of the favorite talent show, Simon Cowell pulled a terrifying prank on Sofía Vergara. As Cowell and Vergara took the stage to join returning contestants Ryan Stock and Amberlynn Walker with their act, Vergara didn’t know a prank was going to be pulled on her but viewers can tell that she was nervous when walking out.

‘The Modern Family’ actress was blindfolded and instructed to aim a crossbow at the former ‘American Idol’ judge. Just as she pulled the trigger, it looked like the arrow shot Cowell in his chest and he was in serious need of help. Everyone ran to his aid and even called for a medic.

“What is going on?” Vergara frantically asked. A few seconds later Cowell got up to say, “I gotcha!” “You know I’m Colombian, and you know we take revenge,” the actress said back to him.

Later that night, the 48-year-old posted a clip of the prank to her Instagram. She captioned it, “AYYEEE @simoncowell really got me!! I nearly had a heart attack when I took off that blindfold. Revenge prank planning starts now… #agt.”

Who knows just what Vergara has up her sleeve for her next prank on Cowell.

Also on last night’s episode, the 48-year-old pushed the Golden Buzzer for singer Jimmie Herrod after his incredible audition.

“Jimmie‘s performance was so powerful and he completely blew me away. His voice, his presence, the song - it was all incredible!” she said to People. ”Every part of me just knew that I needed to push the Golden Buzzer. I absolutely loved his performance and he deserved it!”

“I got chills all over my body. I was so moved that he nearly brought me to tears! It was such a beautiful performance,” she continued.

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