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Camila Cabello trolls boyfriend Shawn Mendes after TikTok mishap

“My fave Tik tok”

People on TikTok really got a kick out of Shawn Mendes’ latest attempt on the app--including his own girlfriend, Camila Cabello.

Last week, the “Treat You Better” singer took to his TikTok account with a rough video of himself singing some snippets of his latest remix, “KESI.”

“Ok hit me with your best ‘Baby, yeahs,’” he told viewers in the clip. Unfortunately for the star, the post wasn’t the most expertly edited, which Shawn even alluded to in the caption, admitting, “Ive been trying to make a Tik tok for 2 hours.”

Much like his fanbase, Camila wasn’t going to let her boyfriend off easy following the embarrassing video.

In a post on Thursday, July 22, the “Havana” singer used Shawn’s audio and recreated his video, even mimicking the moment he awkwardly stared into the camera and seemingly forgot to edit it out. It’s nice to see celebrities (lovingly) make fun of their significant others just like we do.

“My fave Tik tok,” she wrote over her own rendition of the video.


Ive been trying to make a Tik tok for 2 hours

♬ original sound - Shawn

Even after Cabello poked fun at her other half, fans are still trying to make sense of his inability to properly use Tik Tok.

“Shawn,” one comment read, “you’re in your 20s and came up on vine its not hard lmao.”

“I can’t keep defending you Shawn,” wrote another fan.

Despite her trolling of Mendes, it’s obvious that these two are more in love than ever.

Camila and Shawn recently celebrated their two year anniversary, both posting PDA-filled pictures and telling one another how much they love them in their heartfelt captions.

“happy anniversary Kuko ❤️” she wrote. “Here’s to more joy, more friendship, and more love ❤️.”

Mendes kept his caption simple and straight to the point, writing, “Happy 2 years my baby ♥️.”

This pop power couple officially started dating on July 4, 2019, a month after they dropped their second collaboration, the Grammy-nominated “Señorita.”

At that point, they had already known one another for a while, previously collaborating on “I Know What You Did Last Summer” in 2015 after meeting the year before when he and her then-group Fifth Harmony opened for Austin Mahone.

“I don’t know why, but I just know that she is [my person]. I think that your person really just has to be your best friend, and she has been that for so many years now,” Mendes told PEOPLE back in December. “She really taught me what it is to be vulnerable and honest and true in a relationship ... She’s really so brave and courageous in love. I’m constantly learning from her.