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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello accidentally lock themselves out of their car after lunch date

What a bummer!

Stars, they’re just like us--especially when they lose their keys!

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes went out for a nice lunch date in Los Angeles this week, but unfortunately, their romantic summer outing took a turn for the worse as they misplaced their keys while trying to head back home.

In photos obtained by The Daily Mail, Mendes looked inside the car to see if the keys had been left inside, while his girlfriend did her part by jiggling a handle in an attempt to gain entry.

Eventually, the couple was able to successfully make their way into the car, going on to drive off with one another.

The happy couple celebrated their second anniversary earlier this month, going on a romantic getaway to the Caribbean. Both parties posted about the milestone onto Instagram along with some PDA-filled pictures, letting fans see some intimate moments from their relationship.

“Happy 2 years my baby,” Shawn wrote in his caption.

Camila wrote, “happy anniversary Kuko ❤️ here’s to more joy, more friendship, and more love ❤️.”

As of a few months ago, Cabello was still learning how to drive, being spotted during a driving lesson in Miami back in April. While it might be unusual for most 24-year-olds to not yet have their license, the Cuban-American singer has been pretty busy for the past decade, making it harder for her to achieve such a “normal” milestone.

Camila dropped out of high school when she was 15 to pursue her singing career by appearing on The X Factor. Her career took off from there, leaving little time for the star to take driver’s education, or get her license.

She has previously expressed the desire to get behind the wheel, tweeting in 2014: “I’m gonna learn how to drive this week and get my license hopefully without fatalities injuries OR destruction of the state of florida <3.”

Obviously, that didn’t happen, but she’s determined to make it happen all these years later.

As for Mendes, he seemingly got his license in 2019, with fans spotting him and Cabello outside the DMV. At the time, one of his followers tweeted, “Aye Shawn Mendes I didn’t ask for a selfie but we creeped you from a distance. Just curious, did you pass the test?”

While he didn’t respond at the time, he’s clearly gotten the hang of driving in the two years since.