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Sofia Vergara left stunned by a psychic who knew how Joe Manganiello proposed to her

‘The psychic knew details she has never shared with the world

America’s Got Talent judges are used to seeing all kinds of amazing acts on the show like incredible dancers, stuntmen, and even people who claim to be psychics. While they have seen just about anything, there are still some acts that leave them stunned, like Peter Antoniou who left Sofia Vergara speechless after finding her “lost” wedding ring. Antoniou then revealed never before heard details about how Joe Manganiello proposed to her, that she seemed to get from her brain.

Joe got down on one knee and as soon as he did- there was a rainbow. Is that correct? [Antoniou]
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Vergara and Manganiello

After Antoniou correctly guessed where Terry Crews put a tiny baseball bat, he asked Vergara to give her engagement ring to Simon Cowell. Cowell was impressed by the size of her huge diamond and Antonious took the judges to a room where there were 1000 ring boxes sprawled around. With Vergara and Antonious turned around, Cowell hid the ring in one of the boxes.

The mind reader told Vergara to think about a specific detail about the engagement that only she would know, and to make it very clear in her mind. As she relived the special details in her brain he slowly walked around the room to feel the energy, quickly switching sides with a confident “nope.” Suddenly Vergara says “I think I know where it is.” Heidi Klum, gasps, shocked, and says “are you a psychic to now?”

Then, Antonious starts revealing details about the engagement that Vergara and Manganiello have never shared before, revealing the proposal was supposed to happen somewhere else but plans had to change. The judge began to look surprised and after picking up a box she tells him she is 0% confident he has the ring, and of course, it was. He then revealed the detail that nobody else in the world could have known that Vergara was thinking about, “there’s a detail about your engagement that was stuck in your mind that no ones know, Joe got down on one knee and as soon as he did- there was a rainbow. Is that correct?” After Vergara’s eyes began to water and a huge smile flashed on her face, you didn’t need to be psychic to know he was. “How did you know that?” she asked stunned.

Cowell asked for clarification and Vergara revealed, “He was gonna propose by the ocean, but then he panicked, and he came upstairs to the room and proposed to me in the room. And then suddenly he gave me the ring, and I look up, and there was a rainbow. It was beautiful.”

Later in the episode Vergara, still surprised reiterates, “I want to say that there’s no way that you knew that about a rainbow, because no one knows that. Like, that story has not been on the press or nothing. So that was amazing.” She also joked that now the ring was a little bigger.

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