Universal Pictures Presents The Road To F9 Concert And Trailer Drop

Vin Diesel does his best Cardi B impression at the ‘F9’ premiere

“She came into this movie and approached it like a thespian”

The latest--and final--installment of the beloved Fast & Furious franchise introduces a new member of the family:Cardi B.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper has a small role in the upcoming F9 film, and according to one of the franchise’s biggest stars, Vin Diesel, she delivers quite the performance.

Vin teased her cameo by doing an impression of the Bronx native on the red carpet with E! News, saying, “What she did was, she came into this movie and approached it like a thespian and left all of her musical accolades at the door.”

“She came in to become a character in the franchise and as a producer that‘s what you really hope for,” he continued. “So, my word on Cardi B is that she shined and I’m proud of her and I can’t wait to incorporate her into the finale.”

As for the franchise itself and this film being the finale, Vin confirmed the latest film is the beginning of the end, but he did say, “I’m not necessarily saying it’s the end of Dom. I’m saying we’re wrapping up this era for the mythology.”

Beyond the highly-anticipated Cardi cameo, there is a lot more to expect from the film, including the moment where the crew goes into space. Ludacris told E! News there’s “so much” that didn’t make it into the movie, but the scene where they’re shot into space definitely did--though it wasn’t the most fun part to film.

“It was extremely uncomfortable. We were in harnesses, we had layers of clothing on—the things that we had to do to bring that stuff to life were just uncomfortable,” he explained. “But it usually takes stuff like that in order to make the onscreen stuff look exactly how it’s supposed to look, and in the most amazing ways.”

When he was asked about how exactly they filmed that part, Luda described the experience by saying, “If you can imagine doing take after take being just suspended in the air, hot as hell.”