Crown Princess Mary of Denmark posts sweet tribute to injured football star Christian Eriksen

“It was touching to experience the amazing team spirit and support from players and fans”

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark just put out a statement in honor of Danish football star Christian Eriksen, who collapsed in the middle of a game on Saturday afternoon. She was one of thousands of football fans in attendance watching the game live, seeing Eriksen fall during his team’s Euro 2020 match against Finland.

Christian ended up falling down unexpectedly as he prepared to grab the ball for a throw-in. That’s when paramedics rushed to help the player as his teammates all huddled around him to form a protective shield.

It’s no surprise that both players on the field and fans in the stands were shaken by what happened, with a few spectators being shown with tears in their eyes following Eriksen’s collapse.

Luckily, Christian is currently in stable condition, which comes after onsite paramedics performed CPR before transferring him to the hospital.

In response to the shocking event, Crown Princess Mary posted a photo of the Danish team together in a big huddle, writing a message about how important it is for everyone to stick together during such tough times.

“The most important thing tonight is that Christian Eriksen is well under the circumstances,” she captioned the photo. Mary went on to honor Eriksen’s teammates, praising them for their “team spirit” following the tragic occurence.

“It was touching to experience the amazing team spirit and support from players and fans,” she continued, “after the great scare we all got.”

After the game was restarted, Finland ended up emerging as the winners following an impressive goal from player Joel Pohjanpalo. While it would have been nice for the Danish team to come out of such a horrific situation with a win, that obviously wasn’t the main focus of the evening for players who just witnessed their teammate suffer an unexpected injury.

Prince William, who is president of the Football Association, also released a statement about the event, sending positive words to the fallen player and all of his loved ones.

“Encouraging news about Christian Eriksen, we are all thinking about him and his family,” he wrote. “Well done to the medical team and Anthony Taylor for their calm and swift action. W.”

The Danish Football Association went on to release a statement on Sunday morning, revealing that Eriksen is doing well and sends his love to the rest of the team.

“This morning we have spoken to Christian Eriksen, who has sent his greetings to his teammates,” the Danish Football Association said on Sunday. “His condition is stable, and he continues to be hospitalized for further examination.”

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