Alaïa, hija de Toni Costa y Adamari López
So Cute

Toni Costa is touched by his and Adamari López daughter Alaïa’s prayer for the family

The little girl not only touched her father Adamari Lopez‘s followers

Putting aside the rumors and controversy caused by his separation from Adamari López,Toni Costa is focused on the things that make him happiest: his work as a dancer and, above all, the tenderness of his daughter Alaïa. The Spain native is currently on tour with his Zumba classes but even way from his little girl- he remembers her with love. Recently he shared a video on social media of the six-year-old girl saying an adorable prayer for the family.

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With a sweet voice, Alaïa is heard praying before the meal. The little girl prays for her father, for her grandparents, and for herself. Adamari can be heard at the end of the video helping her with her prayer while Alaïa sends kisses.

“So so special... I love you, my princess,” Toni wrote in his stories after watching the clip. The father‘s love for Alaïa and her purity is more than clear. Her little face is full of tenderness and faith that comes from the heart as she prayed with her eyes closed and her hands together to ask for the well-being of her loved ones.

Mom and Dad’s Priority

It‘s clear she will remain mom and dad’s priority even though the family is going through a delicate moment. Despite the challenges, they are doing their best to keep Alaïa at peace knowing that her parents love her and will continue to support her no matter what. While Toni is away, Adamari has been accompanying their little one to her golf lessons, and Alaïa seems happy throughout the tough situation thanks to her parent’s love and maturity.

Alaïa y Adamari López©@adamarilopez
Alaïa continues with her daily routine

Alaïa has fun with dad whenever she can. A few days ago, Toni accompanied her to the last day of school, and the father and daughter duo had a great time at the school where the children were saying goodbye to another year.

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