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Meghan Trainor talks baby Riley’s ‘fun personality,’ new projects and more

The Grammy-winner opens up about motherhood, self care, her exciting new collaboration with Verizon and more

Meghan Trainor’s new chapter brims with joy. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter seems busier than ever with countless projects in development, including a brand new collaboration with Verizon 5G and major overall deal with NBCUniversal Television. Of course, her and husband Daryl Sabara’s newborn Riley is number one on the list.

“He’s the greatest thing ever!” Meghan beamed about the four-month-old while chatting with us. Her and Daryl welcomed their first child together in February, and now it’s all about that baby.

Read below for our interview with the powerhouse “All About That Bass” singer, where she gets candid on: motherhood, self care, manifesting with music, her dream sitcom idea and more.

meghan trainor interview©Ryan Trainor for Verizon
Meghan Trainor teamed up with Verizon for The Biggest Upgrade Ever to glow up her summer with 5G
First, we’re here today because you’re a part of the biggest Verizon 5G upgrade campaign ever! Can you talk to us about it and how you got involved?

“Yes! Thank you for letting me talk about it! I’m so excited. They’re trying to put the power of 5G in everyone’s hands, which is amazing cause we need to get there. It’s really exciting cause it’s for new and existing customers. Anyone can join and be involved. I’ve been with Verizon since sixth grade... so, I’ve been a fan. It’s so easy: all you have to do is trade in an old phone - it could be broken, damaged, doesn’t matter - and sign up for one of their best unlimited plans and they’re gonna give you a new phone. It’s crazy! Just like that. Plus, it’s 5G and already loaded with entertainment and music. It’s Verizon’s way of glowing up your summer.

Yes! We love your song “Glow up.” You have so many anthems that empower people.

When I was talking with Verizon we were like, ‘I have a song called “Glow Up” and you’re whole thing is about glowing up’ and they were like, ‘this is destiny’ and I was like, ‘this is destiny!’ It was perfect.

It really is! When you’re making music do you have people in mind you hope to inspire?

I have you in mind. Sometimes I’ll think of a song like my “Mom” song. I was like, I want a song that plays in cards every year for Mother’s Day. And it happened. It’s like the biggest manifestation I ever will do. I go into the studio and go, ‘I wanna write an anthem that when people wake up in the morning they can just blast it and feel great about themselves.’ Like “Glow Up.” I know that with age I glowed up and I just wanna help fans out there know like it’s alright. Give it time and you’ll glow up.

Incredible. Congratulations on baby Riley turning four months, by the way! Apparently that’s when personality really starts to come through. What are you seeing?

Yes, I have a baby! He’s so cute. He’s the greatest thing ever! My husband claims he is four months old now - oh my goodness. He’s so great. He finally has been smiling at everything so it’s really rewarding. He’s so cute and at nighttime, like, right around 8 o’clock, if I’m not asleep he’s like, why am I up? It’s really cute.

How would you describe his personality?

A fun personality. I’m getting way more attached every day. I’m like this is what people were talking about when they’re like you’ll never love something more than your own kid. I’m like, oh got it. We’re here. I’m very much in his face, goofy all the time.

Does he vibe with your music at all?

My husband plays him my songs and I caught them once and did a TikTok about it. My husband sings my songs to him, especially if we write a new one. Like recently, my husband was singing it all day long to him and then I started singing it too. So, yeah, he gets everything.

We’re waiting for that motherhood power album.

Right? I feel, like, a lot of pressure. Everyone’s like, ‘have you written him a song yet?’ - and I haven’t. It has to be the greatest song ever.

You’ll make it happen. So far, what has motherhood so taught you?

I’ve seen Daryl and I even come closer together as partners. Like you get the bottle, I’ll get the bath and we team up. I’ve really learned a whole new respect for single moms out there. Moms doing it on their own. I can’t imagine that. I can’t fathom that. We have my mom help me, and we’re still, like I always feel like we’re behind or like we forget something. So, I just salute every mom out there who is doing it on their own.

meghan trainor baby riley©@meghantrainor
Meghan Trainor with her baby Riley
Agreed. With everything you’ve got going on, how do you practice self care?

That’s number one! I lost all my baby weight - thank you so much. I look at him and it’s the biggest motivation of my life. Like, I wanna be able to run with you, I wanna be able to, like, take you on hikes, and do fun stuff with you. So, number one, I wanted my health to get back in place. As soon as I was allowed, cause I had a C-section, I had an extra month where I had to sit down. As soon as I was good, I got into my health, my fitness, my nutrition… I teamed up with Profile by Sanford and they gave me a nutritionist. I have a coach. I’ve been working out every single day for 75 days straight and double workouts and I have been shedding weight, so… I just feel so much better. I feel lighter. I can run again. When I was pregnant I could barely walk or get up. So, it’s like, wow, I feel like a human again I love this.

Another thing you have going on is an amazing deal with NBC Universal. We hear you’re working on a sitcom?

Nothing is like a full plan yet, but I do have an amazing deal with NBC and, in the meantime, I’ve been doing other shows with them: Top Chef Family Style, I’m the host. I’ve never been a host before so that’s been so fun. And I’m gonna do Clash of the Cover Bands, a judging show with cover bands. It’s gonna be awesome.

Eventually, our dream together with NBC is to do some kind of comedy series about my life. So we’re meeting writers and evolving it. I told my family and my team, I don’t know if I want to tour around the world all year long - I think with my child, especially, I wanna drive to work and then drive home. You know? I wanna be there in his life. I don’t wanna drag him everywhere.

Another manifestation moment, I kept saying that for years and NBC reached out during the pandemic. So, I was so lucky and I was like, this is all I’ve ever wanted. So, we’re very blessed.