Chrissy Teigen
Double Chrissy

Chrissy Teigen’s alter ego ‘Chrissy Gogurt’ is ready for show business

The ‘influencer’ has a passion for unboxing

If you thought Chrissy Teigen was full of life, energy, and color, just wait until you meet her altar ego “Chrissy Gogurt.” On Friday, April 23rd Teigen introduced the world to her company Craving’s first brand ambassador. Gogurt is just as talented as Chrissy- if not more because as she describes her, she is an influencer, artist, singer, and songwriter. Apparently, Gogurt is recording an upcoming album with Chrissy’s husband John Legend but took a break to take over Craving’s social account and she is “HERE and READY.” The first video Teigen posted was a montage of videos of Gogurt in an array of different colored wigs and outfits with a face full of glittery face stickers set to music from the Lion King.

Tiegen posted more videos and pictures of Gogurt jamming out with Legend who looks like he just wants his wife back. Gogurt also practices her singing in the shower and does what she does best- an unboxing. It’s all just really magical and she asked fans in the caption, “which Chrissy Gogurt are you ?”

For those wondering what day in the life with Chrissy Gogurt is like, they posted a full video on YouTube of the Cravings ambassador to show what it‘s like to be the sought-after professional unboxer. Gogurt looks like a natural unboxing french fries even though she gets her hair in the food. She showed her raw talent and unboxed several Cravings pots and pans and also made some gourmet dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. Legend is of course supportive of Gogurt’s rapping skills and sings into a mic “we’re not the best, but we’ll get there.”

But Gogurt’s time in the spotlight was far from over because Teigen later posted more photos of her in a gorgeous violet wig and a tie-dyed outfit. She appropriately captioned the post, “when a joke goes too far”