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Chrissy Teigen talks conspiracy theories and why she wants to be a true-crime podcast host

Find out how all the conspiracy theories about her and John Legend started

Last week Chrissy Teigen joined her favorite podcasters Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds on their true crime comedy podcast True Crime Obsessed. Teigen is an avid true crime lover and fell in love with the show during quarantine. She invited the hosts over to her and John Legend’s apartment in New York to record the special episode and talked about her love for true crime, how the never-ending conspiracy theories from groups like QAnon all got started, and why even though her dream job is to host a true-crime podcast, she knows she never could.

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Chrissy Teigen & True Crime Obsessed

The hosts asked Teigen about all the illuminati rumors surrounding their life and she said although she and Legend are actually really “boring” the conspiracies have made her feel unsafe when driving by marches filled with people she knows to hate her. “It’s hard to realize like how scary and real that QAnon stuff is... and even though their leader shut it down like, ‘let‘s move on guys’ they’re like ‘this is a sign too’“ the mama of 2 explained. According to Teigen, the conspiracies started years ago when her and Legend were on a flight to Tokyo and their plane had to turn back around, “that was like the root of it.”

Back in 2017 Teigen and Legend were one of the passengers on board a flight from LAX headed to Tokyo when they discovered there was a person aboard the flight that wasn’t supposed to be on the plane so the airline decided to turn around. According to Legend, they were closer to Japan than they were to LA but they decided to turn around completely anyways. Teigen was asleep and said Legend didn‘t wake her up to tell her so she woke up and started tweeting throughout the entire thing because she thought it was hilarious. Somehow, it turned into “Chrissy’s being arrested, finally.” Legend explained the conspiracist’s theory was, “these stars that are apart of this are being arrested, but they’re secretly getting arrested.” “That’s why Im wearing these boots, to hide my ankle bracelet” Teigen joked. She said when they landed, her credit card declined when she was trying to get cash and after she posted about it they said people must have shut off their credit cards for the arrest. The couple didn’t bring up exactly what the situation was people thought they were tied to but it may be the ridiculous “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory that took over news and pop culture around the time. “I do believe there is true evil in the world, but I do believe that it’s your uncle, and your neighbor, and it’s your brother…” Teigen said.

Teigen admitted that there are things that she has said in the past that she is mortified about but she continues to grow and learn from them and wants people to allow others to do that. “I learn in front of everybody, so that‘s such a hard thing for me as a person that really wants to be loved by everybody. Like I genuinely care what everyone thinks about me, I’ve always been like that, I’ve always been the person that wanted to connect with everybody. Like every friend group, I wanted them to like me, and I’m still like that. I’m like desperate for that love and it’s a tough world to be in now when you are shut out- especially by people that you love.”

Hind’s asked Teigen what made her reach out to the podcast and she admitted she was jealous that they get to do what they do because of her love of true crime. “Listen, I’ll take this life any day of course” she laughed “but it would be really difficult for me to be able to do something like this, with my interest in true crime and growing up loving it. My mom was such a huge fan of it. I mean Court TV was on more than Nickelodeon, that was Bravo before Bravo. So my genuine interest in it, I was jealous of the fact that you guys get to go out and talk like this and be able to not get- I mean you do get sh** for sure- but man the amount of sh** I would get if I did the same thing would be, incredible.” Teigen continued, “so I was fascinated by the whole world behind it.”

Teigen also talked about being a host at Hooters Newport and said her dream was to be apart of the Hooters calendar. Listen to the rest of her episode with True Crime Obsessed on your favorite streaming platform and keep up with the show because Teigen might come back to cover “How to Die in Oregon” with the hosts.

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