Ana de Armas and mystery man
New Man?

Ana de Armas was seen out walking her dog with a buff mystery man

The duo chatted and walked their dogs together the other day.

Ana de Armas seems to be single and ready to mingle. If everyone remembers, the Cuban actress used to date Ben Affleck but they went their separate ways back in January. Now it looks like the 32-year-old is spreading her wings as she was seen out this week with a mystery man.

Ana de Armas and mystery man©GrosbyGroup
Ana de Armas seen out walking her dog with a friend.

The ‘War Dogs’ actress and the hunky man were out in Beverly Hills walking their dogs and getting some fresh air. Armas was walking one of her two dogs, a white Maltese named Elvis, and her male friend was walking a bigger black and white pooch.

The duo were both dressed in athleisure wear. The 32-year-old actress wore a dark t-shirt with matching leggings and a bomber jacket. She wore sunglasses and her hair half up half down away from her face. Armas accessorized with a black crossbody bag and sneakers.

Ana de Armas and mystery man grabbing coffee©GrosbyGroup
The friends grabbing a coffee and taking a break while out on their walk.

Armas’ mystery friend wore a similar look to the actress which consisted of a windbreaker jacket, joggers, a baseball cap, and sneakers. At one point the friends stopped at a table for a coffee break and the two looked at their phones and chatted about something.

Just a few weeks ago rumors were circulating that Armas and Affleck were back together but that’s not the case and this outing with a mystery man further confirmed it. When the actress posted a photo of her wearing a half heart necklace, which she and Affleck had matching ones, people speculated that the necklace indicated the coupe was back together but they are not.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, a few hours after posting the necklace selfie to her Instagram stories, the actress shared another picture that said the words “nope,” ”no” and ”I don‘t think so.”