Grimes shows off the ‘beautiful alien scars’ she had tattooed on her back

“It’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars”

Canadian musician Grimes is sharing with fans the “beautiful alien scars” she just had tattooed across her entire back.

“Full back in white ink by @tweakt w sum help from the alien computer brain of @nusi_quero,” she wrote under the Instagram post. “Don’t have a good pic cuz it hurts too much and I need to sleep haha, and it’ll be red for a few wks , but gna be beautiful alien scars. Hope everyone’s having a good day 😴”

In the photo, Grimes shows off her bare back, which is covered in markings done in white ink. As she mentioned in her caption, the scarring is still very red, since she just got the tattoo done prior to the photo being taken. The design doesn’t seem very particular, depicting some varied shapes and lengths from her shoulders down to the bottom of her back.

While this isn’t the first tattoo the artist has gotten, it’s most definitely the biggest. Some of the other ink the singer has on her body includes the word “Beautiful” on her hand, a brushstroke on her forearm, and a moon on her knuckle.

Grimes and one of her friends, Hana Pestle, got semi-matching Lord of the Rings tattoos in July 2018, both getting inked with writing in J.R.R. Tolkien’s elvish language. Pestle got the Gandalf quote “and all turns to silver glass” on her thigh, while Grimes got elven script on three of her fingers reading “Contradiction / Be ready for war / No shields allowed,” which is not a direct quote from the book series.

While this brand new back tattoo might be shocking coming from most celebrities, the “beautiful alien scars” are actually pretty on brand for the singer.

Grimes and her partner, Elon Musk, just welcomed their first child together last year, whom they initially named X Æ A-12 Musk. At the time, Grimes explained the name to fans, revealing that the X stood for “the unknown variable.”

They later ended up changing the A-12 to A-Xii due to California law not allowing numbers, but were still able to keep the theme of their son‘s name, which also includes aspects of artificial intelligence and their favorite aircraft.

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