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It’s not over?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez address breakup reports with joint statement

The famous courtship might not be over after all

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s split took over the media circuit at the end of this week, but according to a recent statement from the celebrity couple, they’re not over just yet. News of the 51-year-old superstar and 45-year-old baller calling it quits broke on Friday, March 12, leaving J-Rod fans in shambles. A day later, the pair cleared the air through TMZ.

JLo and A-Rod jointly told the celebrity rag that “all the reports are inaccurate.” According to the site they said: “We are working through some things.” It was also clarified that their troubles have nothing to do with a third party, despite speculation. It seems J-Rod is still fighting to stay together.

Jennifer Lopez y Alex Rodriguez©GettyImages
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together for four years

It’s unclear as to why Jennifer or Alex would use TMZ as a conduit to take control of the narrative, especially when they have their own large social media platforms. What remains clear is that they may not only have to work on their relationship, but others within their circle. The breakup alarm was sounded to major outlets by sources connected to them.

After four years together, the split not only affects them, but their well-blended family. Jen’s two children, Max and Emme, and Alex’s daughters, Tashi and Ella, have seemingly become a close knit group. Ripples of their engagement ending already seem to be affecting at least one child with Emme sobbing in a photo Jennifer shared as news broke. Though, she could be upset about something else entirely, the timing was odd.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez kids©Alex Rodriguez
J-Rod’s blended family

Jennifer and Alex are currently separated as she films her new movie Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic and he works in Miami. Merely two weeks ago the duo had a loved-up reunion in the DR, but perhaps the distance has hit them too hard. We’ll continue to cover as this story develops.