chris evans brother prank video
Sibling prank wars

Chris Evans’ brother Scott catches him talking to dog and scares him in hilarious clip

But don’t worry - the Marvel star got him back

Celebrity siblings serve a very important purpose. They help keep their all-star family members down-to-earth. Chris Evan’s brother Scott Evans does just that and more, trolling his older brother in the most hilarious of ways. The 37-year-old soap opera actor’s latest deed was catching his 39-year-old superhero bro sweetly talking to his dog Dodger. Chris comes in from a walk with the pooch, not realizing Scott is hiding behind the door and the result is hysterical.

chris evans brother prank video©@scottevansgram
Chris Evans’ mid scare face

“I got him again,” Scott wrote over his Instagram Story. “And captured a little private conversation with Dodger.” Chris is heard putting on a cutesy voice to talk to his dog as he comes back home. When he gets inside his brother yells, causing him to jump out of his skin for a beat. “Living in fear for the holidays…” the real-life Captain America wrote when he reposted the Story to his page. However, don’t worry! He got his younger sibling back.

chris evans brother scott©@chrisevans
Chris got Scott back!

“Don’t start none. Won’t be none,” Chris wrote over a video prank of his own, referencing his film The Losers. As his brother walks into the kitchen in the morning, the star screams “Scott!” at the top of his lungs. Payback was clearly had as Scott leapt in fear. “Wow my laugh sounds like sandpaper… I had just woken up,” Chris added over the clip.

It seems the siblings are staying together for the holidays. They also have a sister named Carly, who Scott affectionately refers to as Barls. Furry family member Dodger is clearly a favorite for Chris. The Avengers actor often shares snaps of his best pal, the latest of which is an adorable video (as seen above)!

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