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The Kardashians celebrate Joe Biden’s win following Kanye West’s failed presidential run

It doesn’t seem like anyone in the fam voted for Kanye

Over the weekend, the Kardashian family joined the tens of millions of people around America--and the world--celebrating the victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be the next President and Vice President of the United States.

On Saturday, after almost a week of anticipation, multiple news outlets called the race for Biden and Harris after Pennsylvania gave their campaign 20 electoral votes, making their total 273. Following this announcement, social media erupted with celebrations and emotional tributes from celebs, who were all happy to see a new charge coming in to lead the country come 2021.

While Kim Kardashian didn’t endorse a specific candidate prior to the election, she did encourage her followers to vote--and she was clearly very happy with the results. She was the first of her sisters to tweet about the news, retweeting messages from both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and adding red, white, and blue hearts.

That’s when her sister, Khloé Kardashian chimed in, tweeting, “OMG I want to cry tears of joy!!!! Bravo!!!” just a few minutes after the news was announced. Kourtney joined in, too, retweeting the same video of Harris along with a blue heart and the word, “joyful.”

Kendall Jenner decided to join her family in sharing her good spirits, letting her fans know she was happy about the results of the election. “I’m emotional, relieved, and filled with joy this morning!!!” she tweeted. She also added some blue hearts for good measure. Not to be left out, her sister, Kylie chimed in on her Instagram Story by sharing a clip of Kamala Harris laughing in a sea of confetti.

While a few of the sisters did endorse Joe Biden prior to the election, most of the family kept mum until the results were called--which could have something to do with the fact that Kim’s husband, and their brother-in-law, Kanye West, was also running for president.

Even though she didn’t directly endorse him, Kim did appear to support Kanye after he first announced his plan to run for Commander in Chief back in July. Kourtney supported West’s attempt, too, and found herself at the receiving end of a lot of backlash just last month for rocking a “Vote Kanye” baseball cap on her Instagram stories.

Unfortunately for the rapper, his plans for presidency came a little too late in the game, which resulted in him failing to make the ballot in most states. In the handful of states he was able to make, he only collected about 60,000 votes come November 3.

Following Tuesday‘s results, he appeared to concede his bid for the White House--but not without hinting at another attempt in four years.

“WELP,” he tweeted, ”KANYE 2024.” He then deleted that tweet and re-posted it without the “WELP.”

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