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Lele Pons talks musical evolution, social media secrets and what’s next

The unstoppable powerhouse has shared her secret life and now she’s created a safe space where you can, too

Forget triple threat, Lele Pons is an incalculable threat. At 24-years-old, the Venezuelan-born star has shattered the glass ceiling of so many different industries that it’s a wonder why a wake of glass shards doesn’t shadow her every move. From ruling social media platforms to billboard charts to hosting a new-kind of podcast, Lele has certainly earned her fandom of millions. If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering how she balances it all.

When speaking with Lele, the answer instantly materializes. Her brain is a swift creative engine, churning out ideas as fast as likes amass on her posts. It’s hard to find a word that encapsulates her trailblazing nature, but she gives us one: “unbreakable.” The perfect choice.

Just last week, Lele celebrated her song “Se Te Nota” hitting 100 million views on YouTube. She called this “one of the most memorable moments of her life.” As of today, it’s up to 128,122,172. While the view count is impressive, it’s nothing new for Pons. In 2014, she became the first Vine user to reach one billion loops and in 2019, she basked in 3 billion views on her YouTube channel.

Lele’s path to success hasn’t been without road blocks. In her YouTube documentary The Secret Life of Lele Pons, she bravely opened up about her mental health challenges, which include Tourette’s syndrome and OCD. The entrepreneur describes this journey as something “you can manage,” but “can’t take it away.” After its debut, fans from around the world sent Lele gratitude for her honesty and unknowingly fueled her next venture. She felt inspired to take things a step further and provide a safe place for people to share their deepest thoughts. Cue Best Kept Secrets, her Spotify podcast, where callers anonymously speak to the star about their - well - ‘best kept secret.’ Lele opens up about how she ultimately hopes to make people feel less alone later in our discussion.

HOLA! USA named the entrepreneur as one of our Top 100 Latina Powerhouses in 2020, a title she thanked us for when we spoke. Get to know the woman behind the millions of views, as we chat with Lele about the dissection of her prowess, what energizes her various creative outlets as she unveils some secrets along the way.

“People inspire me as well. People that have admired me, pushed me to become better. My fans, my supporters, my family, my friends, everything.”
Lele Pons talks musical evolution, social media secrets and what’s next©Hola
Is it hard to balance your personal and professional life?
This is apparent when you show the final product from a photo shoot versus a behind the scenes photo.
A reality of your own is you performing your own stunts. That is commitment. What’s the driving force behind that?
Is there a video from the past where you had technical difficulties that made it unsharable?

Lele Pons is an ‘incalculable threat.’ At 24-years-old, the Venezuela-born star©Hola
How has it been creating a community of listeners for your new Spotify podcast Best Kept Secrets?
"Best Kept Secrets with Lele Pons" is a weekly podcast"©Spotify
What’s the craziest secret you’ve heard so far?
How have you been coping in 2020?
On a lighter note, can you give us some social media secrets?

“Music is such a historical thing - it sticks to you. I wanna be a part of that. Music has always lived with me. I loved music since I was little - Shakira! Just knowing that one song is gonna touch someone’s life. If I can at least to one person do that - you made history in their lives.”
Lele Pons’s musical evolution, maturity and podcast success©Hola
Is there a question you always wish someone would ask you in an interview?
Congratulations on celebrating 100 million views on “Se Te Nota”! What inspires you as an artist?
Who would be a dream collab for you?
Because of your mass amount of content, is it hard to avoid comparison?

How do you avoid burnout?
How has fan engagement affected your career?
So we’ve seen you swim with alligators and dive with sharks, What’s your next adventure?