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Chrissy Teigen postponed her projects over high risk pregnancy

The model announced the news on Twitter with a heavy heart

Chrissy Teigen’s personal projects have officially been put on hold due to health complications brought on by the model’s high risk third pregnancy.

Two weeks ago, Teigan “accidentally” revealed on her Instagram story that her and hubby John Legend are having a baby boy! Teigan uploaded a series of stories documenting a bit of a difficult pregnancy. It started with their sweet daughter Luna bringing mama her water bottle. Teigan called her “nurse Luna” and thanked her for taking care of her while she was bedridden. Teigan started to explain why she was bedridden and how her “placenta sucks” when she called the baby a “he!”

Now, the model announces the news on Twitter with a heavy heart and admitted , “I know I’m tweeting about stupid s–t when so many bad things are happening. I just can’t speak up right now because my body is in such bad shape and I mentally cannot handle what will come out of it.”

“Today I had to postpone the cookbook indefinitely and send @AdeenaSussman alllll the way back to Tel Aviv.”

The star also confirmed that she has been forced to halt the production schedule for her Quibu series as well, “and same with shutting down filming Chrissy’s Court” because the “Baby cannot do it,” and “I am devastated.”

This news comes after the model announced her appointed two-week mandatory bed rest precaution. “I’m on official 2 week bed rest :( I’m taking this time to learn how to sew capes and kid clothes so s–t is about to get… astonishingly ugly.”

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