London Celebrity Sightings - October 20, 2016
Oh Baby!

Chrissy Teigan and John Legend are having a boy!

Teigan shared the news on her IG story and explained why she is “gushing blood.”

Chrissy Teigan “accidentally” revealed on her Instagram story that her and hubby John Legend are having a baby boy! Teigan uploaded a series of stories documenting a bit of a difficult pregnancy. It started with their sweet daughter Luna bringing mama her water bottle. Teigan called her “nurse Luna” and thanked her for taking care of her while she was bedridden. Teigan started to explain why she was bedridden and how her “placenta sucks” when she called the baby a “he!”

“Hello friends, I wanted to update you” Teigan started. “My placenta sucks.” Teigan then shared that its been a problem with all of her pregnancies and led her to be induced. “It‘s always been the bad part of my pregnancies. With Luna. With Miles- it just like stopped feeding him, it stopped taking care of him. I was like stealing all his food because I was getting huge but he wasn’t getting big at all so he had to come out early, and Luna had to come out early. I was induced both the times.” Teigan continued, “Anyways it’s super weak which is so weird because the babies really, really healthy and he’s big.” She quickly realized what she did and covered her mouth and gasped. Teigan decided to upload the clip anyways and wrote “hahahahaaha might as well tell you” with on-screen text. She even uploaded the clip onto her profile.

Teigan started the next video with “I’m stupid, anyways.” Of course, regardless of the sex, any mama just wants a healthy baby. But Teigan shared that because of her complications she’s become “pretty high risk.” Unfortunately, she’s dealing with bleeding. And not just spotting, full-on “gushing” blood. Teigan explained, “it‘s growing beautifully, everything is good, I’m feeling really good but my placenta Is just really really weak and it’s causing me to really bleed a lot. It’s pretty high risk.” Like any mama, the baby comes first and she had to cancel work and events to go on bed rest to get the placenta healthy. “This poor thing has been through so much already” she said. “So we just have to get my placenta healthy again and that means not moving. So I’m completely on total- don’t get out except to peepee- bed rest. I just wanted to share that. because I tell you guys everything and also it’s such a bummer because I had to cancel so much work and I was really excited to talk to so many different people and do these events because it would start to feel like normal life again a little bit and it would have been really nice, but the timing is just shit s*** and I apologize. I’m sorry, but I have to make baby okay.”

Teigan made sure to assure expecting mothers that if they are spotting it is most likely normal, “oh and cause pregnant people all we do is worry, if you are bleeding you‘re probably just spotting honestly and a lot of pregnant women spot. Either way, talk to your doctor, always let them know if you’re bleeding. But I don’t want this to throw you into a crazy spiral. Spotting is spotting. Which is different than what I’m going through- which is just like gushing blood.” Eek!

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