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Adele Shows Off Her New Figure While Giving Fans A Glimpse At Her Huge Beverly Hills Garden

The singer is looking seriously impressive

At this point, it‘s no secret that Adele made some major lifestyle changes in order to slim down--and with every picture she posts, the singer looks even more stunning.

The 15-time Grammy Award winner broke the internet over the weekend when she posted a picture wearing a bikini top and some leggings, showing off her look for the Notting Hill Carnival. The annual festivities were canceled this year due to the pandemic, so it seems like this is either a throwback photo from years prior or a recreation of the event right in the singer‘s own Beverly Hills backyard.

“Happy what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London,” Adele wrote in her caption. In the photo, she‘s showing off her figure with a Jamaican flag bikini top along with some tie-dye patterned leggings and a feathery number on her back to tie everything together.

The London native has been working to completely transform her lifestyle in recent years, and the hard work is clearly paying off. Her former personal trainer, Camila Goodis, previously revealed the secret to her stunning new figure during an appearance on Lorraine.

“She‘s working out but I think 90 per cent of it is diet,” Goodis confirmed. ”It’s a good diet to shed the weight. The first week is intense, green juices and only 1,000 calories. She doesn’t look too thin – she looks amazing.”

On her time working with the star, she added: “When she came for a workout I didn‘t know it was her and when she left, I thought: ’Oh it looks a little bit like Adele. She looks amazing – she’s changed her lifestyle and diet.”

Camila further explained that Adele had likely given up processed food, fizzy drinks and even sugar. It is now thought that the award-winning singer is training with Dalton Wong in the United States, who has worked with big names like Jennifer Lawrence in the past. She also reportedly got into pilates classes with her neighbor, Meghan Markle, before her and Prince HHarryarry moved to Montecito this month.

The award-winning singer has kept her life notoriously private in the past, which also means she rarely posts on social media. She has been sharing some more of her life in photos recently, though, which could be due to the fact that she looks so undeniably amazing and simply wants to show it off.

Back in May, Adele shocked everyone when she uploaded a photo of herself for the first time since the year prior, showing fans just how much slimmer she‘s gotten since her last time being in the spotlight. The star has never looked better.