Serena Williams, her husband Alexis Ohanian and their daughter Olympia
Breakfast beauty

Serena Williams’ husband Alexis turns her into pancake for daughter Olympia and we’re shook

The former Reddit founder may have found his next career: pancake designer

Pancakes with Alexis and Olympia Ohanian has become a regular weekend installment here at HOLA! USA. The 37-year-old internet entrepreneur is somewhat of a pancake pundit, whipping up masterful designs to make his and Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia smile. And the latest of which, is truly a culinary work of art.

Alexis Sr. took to Instagram Story to share that his two-year-old “wanted pancakes that looked like ‘mama’ today.” So, the dad-of-one transformed his tennis champ love into a breakfast treat, impressing us all!

serena williams husband pancakes©@alexisohanian
Presenting Serena Williams as a pancake

Serena’s hubby molded her face out of different colored batters, giving her a sweet smile. He smartly added a pink sweatband to the creation, throwing a nod to her athletic prowess. Of course, the ultimate judge was his daughter Olympia. Dad recorded the moment of truth, asking her: “Tell me what you think… who is it?”

“Hey! It’s mommy!” Olympia exclaimed, quickly adding: “I want baby.” Dad hopped back in the kitchen and before we knew it another order was up. “Okay I forgot the bow until it was too late,” he wrote over an image of the baby pancake.

serena williams daughter olympia©@alexisohanian
Order up on pancake number 2!

“I know it’s not papa’s best work, but you like it?” he asked Olympia, who donned one of her favorite princess dresses, while presenting it to her. She looked up from her iPad and made her love known for the baby face’s hair. “Yeah - hair!” Alexis said, “Pretty hair!” He was sure to clarify that the pink blob was “a bow,” making his tiny tot giggle. And that concluded another episode of Pancakes with Alexis and Olympia.