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Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia’s doll has officially taken over their house

and we couldn’t be more excited

The Williams-Ohanian adventures continue. “I have lost control over this household,” Alexis Ohanian quipped along with an adorable video of his and Serena Williams’ daughter Alexis Olympia’s doll Qai Qai. The video captures Qai Qai, who has become a viral CGI sensation, mischievously giving family dog Adora a stuffed animal. “Adora, I got you a new chew toy because sharing is caring,” the caption reads. Qai Qai has been known to digitally wreak havoc on Olympia and her parents, providing endless entertainment for social media users.

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Serena Williams with her daughter Olympia and granddaugther Qai Qai

With over 143k followers, Qai Qai has become the most famous celebrity kid plaything around since its social media debut in 2018. Serena and Alexis’ “granddaughter” evolved from actual doll to CGI character over the years, getting into various pretend hijinks around the house.

It seems Qai Qai has a little rivalry with the stuffed animal she gave Adora, though we’re not sure why. Perhaps it’s part of a master plan to be the only toy in Olympia’s life. “I’ll be #happyathome once I take care of this....problem,” she captioned a video of her going to catch the stuffed pup.

In addition to the funny clips and TikTok dances, Qai Qai’s platform has been used to spread important news. Right now, her bio provides ways people can help the Black Lives Matter movement, which she has previously posted about. She’s also provided inspirational pick-me-ups during the pandemic, as well as helpful “prevention playlists.” We’re patiently waiting for the Netflix series. Until then: Go, Qai Qai!