Pedro Capo opens up about Puerto Rican roots and music influence in new interview

Pedro Capó talks new song ‘La Sábana y los Pies,’ his Puerto Rican roots and those Zac Efron comparisons

The Latin Grammy winner’s sons are interested in following in his footsteps

We can’t stay calma, because Pedro Capó has released a new single—and it’s perfect for quarantine. The Latin Grammy winner dropped his catchy summer track La Sábana y los Pies on Friday. While the song was written several months prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it couldn’t be more fitting for couples during this time. “I keep saying, sometimes I feel like I write these premonition-type tunes because they fit so well,” Pedro tells HOLA! USA. “It’s about enjoying an enclosed space with somebody under the social distancing in quarantine reality. The ideal scenario would be to spend it with that person we’re attracted to.”

Pedro's Puerto Rican roots are 'embedded' in his music©Getty Images
Pedro’s Puerto Rican roots are ‘embedded’ in his music

As with everything he writes, Pedro drew from personal experience for the song that was inspired by the progression of a casual relationship into something more serious. Though his experiences serve as inspiration, Pedro’s Puerto Rican roots influence his music “immensely.” “We’re very musically inclined, culturally,” he shares. “On top of that I come from a very musical family.”

“It’s definitely influenced me. From the ballads that I used to listen to when my mom was cleaning the house, to the salsa jams and the ‘70s rock that I listened to with my father,” Pedro continues. “We grew up with so many sounds that I try to, more than anything try, I believe that it’s already so embedded in me that I can’t help but to use my influences in my music. Especially right now, the Caribbean sound is so present in Latin pop, in my proposal, that it definitely, definitely shows the Puerto Rican sounds.”

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As the grandson of the renowned singer Bobby Capó, Pedro is keen on keeping his late grandfather’s legacy alive. “He was a pride and joy not only to my family, but to Puerto Rico and Latin America,” the Calma artist says. “Definitely it is important to carry that torch and do it with dignity.” He adds, “[My grandfather] was a guy who respected his craft very much, and I definitely try to implement that as much as possible in my music.”

The Capó family’s love for music has already been passed down to a new generation. Pedro’s sons have shown interest in following in their famous father’s footsteps. “The older one [Jahví] is more into the acting, movie world and the two little guys [Bobby Sol and Salvador Paz] are very musically inclined,” the proud dad shares. However, Pedro is not pushing anything on his kids. “At the end of the day I want them to be happy. Do whatever it is that they love,” he admits.

Fans have pointed out the striking similarities between Pedro (left) and Zac (right), especially when the latter dyed his hair platinum blonde©Getty Images
Fans have pointed out the striking similarities between Pedro (left) and Zac (right), especially when the latter dyed his hair platinum blonde

Having his sons on a track with him one day would be “poetic”...something else that would be “great” would be having Zac Efron in one of his music videos. Fans have pointed out the striking similarities between the Latin star and the High School Musical alum, which Pedro sees too. “Yes! I’ve seen the memes especially when he went blonde and what not,” Pedro says. “I’ll take it as a compliment. He’s a handsome fella!” Similar to how Pitbull included his lookalike John Travolta in the 3 to Tango video last year, Pedro “would love to” have Zac in one of his own videos—us too!

Keep reading for more on Pedro Capó’s new single La Sábana y los Pies:

HOLA! USA: What was the inspiration behind La Sábana y los Pies?

“I feel like so many times we get caught up in the things that we don’t have. Bottom line is we don’t need much to enjoy the warmth, love and a good time [with] your significant other. It also talks about the importance of that step when we go from a casual, perhaps sexual relationship, to something more serious and we invite that person to share our space, to share our home, to live together. I think we all go through that at some point in life. Also, that sweet moment when we fundle our feet in the blanket when things are feeling good.”

Was it difficult to shoot the music video during quarantine?

“Yeah, I mean it was fun. I feel like sometimes when we don’t have the big production value, we find the production value. It pushes you to get creative and that’s what we did. We couldn’t have a model at location, so we shot the model at a different location and then we projected her on the walls and what not and we played with that. We did all kinds of stuff. It was a lot of fun. I think it represents a little bit of what we’re all going.”

Is La Sábana y los Pies leading up to a new album?

“Yes! Coming out in September. I’m very excited about that. It’s my first original album in three years. I believe 2015 was the last original album. We’ve had one in between that was a concept of versions of ‘80s, ‘90s Latin hits. So yeah, very excited. Grateful to keep doing what I do, doing what I love.”

Will you have any collaborators on the forthcoming album?

“Not really. We have Calma and Calma(Remix) are part of the album so obviously the Farruko collaboration is in it, but I felt like this was such a personal album. I’ve been wanting to put out new material for a while. It’s an album that is a celebration and it’s my way to say thanks to the fans for so much love these past two years, but I felt like it was something for me to defend, for me to carry since it’s such a personal album, but I never close the door on the possibility for any of the songs to become a remix.”

How have you been coping in quarantine?

“The creative side has definitely been spiked up since. It’s hard to sit down and gather your thoughts and write while you’re on tour, while you’re doing promotional stuff. These past two years were beautiful and full of blessings, but also very hectic. I’ve appreciated the time for rest and to create a space of song writing.”

This year has been unpredictable, but what’s next for you?

“I’m taking it one day at a time enjoying the fact that I have a new song coming out. I’m very excited about the album coming out in September. Always open to the possibility of getting back into acting, finding the right project and looking forward to things getting back to normal and getting back on stage, that’s what I miss most.”

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