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Summer locks

Kaia Gerber debuts platinum blonde style post-lockdown

The 18-year-old model reveals her new summer makeover after quarantine

Kaia Gerber is the latest celebrity to debut a bold summer makeover. Recently, the 18-year-model was spotted with platinum blonde hair while grabbing a healthy smoothie in blue activewear. Though Kaia has been experimenting with at-home hair treatments and DIY hair dyes during quarantine, this time she executed her hair goals. “I recently posted a video on Instagram of Audrey Hepburn cutting her own bangs because I got to the point in quarantine where I was like, I’m either going to cut my hair or dye it. I knew something was going to happen, so I decided to give myself at-home highlights,” shared Kaia on an interview with Refinery29.

Kaia Gerber shopping©GrosbyGroup
Kaia Gerber was spotted with platinum blonde hair after quarantine

The model also experimented with risky methods while changing her hair color. “I don’t know if I’d recommend this but I just used hydrogen peroxide, a random DIY thing I saw online somewhere,” she added. Though her experiment was out of boredom, Kaia’s decided to go for lighter highlights during summer. “I literally put the straight peroxide on my hair and then dried it with a blowdryer — just to hit it with heat — and it definitely lightened my color a shade or two, just a subtle change.” She is not the only celebrity to have gone wild with her hairstyle. Even Dua Lipa did a major makeover and dyed her hair strawberry red.

Kaia Gerber goes blonde©@kaiagerber
Cindy Crawford’s daughter also revealed her favorite fragrance

Aside from experimenting with her hair, Cindy Crawford’s daughter also shared her favorite fragrance with her fans. In a recent post, Kaia shows how she attempts to apply Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume while wearing an over-the-elbow arm cast, “this is hard but i smell great.” Recently, the model had a “little accident” which led her with a broken bone and limited arm mobility. Thankfully, Kaia is alright and was seen out and about with her parents and Cara Delevingne after a dinner reunion. And yes, she already was already rocking her blonde bob.