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Rosario Dawson is moving to New Jersey to be closer to her boyfriend Cory Booker

The Zombieland actress said she is “excited” to move in with her boyfriend

Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker have been separated since the quarantine started but their destiny is about to change. In a recent interview with Rosario at the Mooby’s Pop-Up in Los Angeles, the star expressed she is ready to take the next step in her relationship. “I’m actually in the process of moving, by the way. I’m going to New Jersey. I’m moving to Newark,” shared the 41-year-old actress who was unable to spend much time with her boyfriend Cory once she became the caretaker of her parents Isabel and Greg Dawson, who battled pancreatic cancer. However, the Zombieland actress shared she is “excited” to make the move and be closer to Cory.

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Rosario Dawson is ready to take the next step in her relationship

“It’s time. We were thinking about moving in together anyway, but especially during all of this, it’s been really intense,” she added. The 51-year-old politician and Rosario have been dating since December 2018 but despite the distance, both have made it work. “Every morning that we don’t wake up together, he sends me a song, which means every morning he holds our relationship in his mind and heart for a few minutes before he goes off into his big day,” confessed Rosario to Women’s Health Magazine. Rosario also confessed that she feels thrilled to be in a relationship where someone has her back. Though Cory and Rosario have spent time apart due to their busy schedules she makes sure to wear an anchor bracelet he gave her as a gift. “I feel a lot of life ahead of us. It’s been beautiful feeling nurtured and taken care of. I’ve never been this close to someone. We make sure we connect. That’s something I’ve taken for granted in the past,” expressed the actress.

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The Briarpatch actress shared she is excited to move to New Jersey

Besides planning on a big move, Rosario and Cory also wish to open community centers in under-served areas, “We are excited about what we can create together.” The mother-of-one is an advocate for women’s rights, anti-violence and serves as leader for the CFDA award-winning sustainable clothing line Studio 189, which produces African and African-inspired content and clothing. As Rosario and Cory take it to the next level and continue nurturing their relationship, the actress will keep her upstate property and said she will keep her “New York place.”