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Catherine Zeta-Jones shares the family activities she has been enjoying with Michael Douglas and their kids

The 50-year-old actress is spending time with Michael Douglas and their children

Catherine Zeta-Jones recently shares an update with her fans about her lockdown situation and what she’s been up to. The 50-year-old actress is currently isolating in Irvington, New York, with husband Michael Douglas and their teenage children, son Dylan, 19 and daughter Carys, 17. Right before isolating, the family of four welcomed a furry friend named Taylor, that has appeared in many of Catherine’s Instagram stories. The British star went live on social media and shared a Q&A session with her fans where she revealed her best memories on set, Darling Buds of May experience and current activities with her family.

Catherine Zeta Jones reveals quarantine status©@catherinezetajones
Catherine Zeta-Jones confessed she enjoys having the family under one roof

While staying indoors with her family in the 1930s Georgian-style mansion, Catherine has been, “Playing cards, playing Monopoly, having three meals a day, we haven’t killed each other, we’ve respected each other’s space Just to have the time to be together and to talk, it’s been really great. I’ve really enjoyed having the whole family together.” The $4.5 million property features a swimming pool, a fitness room, a wood-paneled library and a game room where the couple spends most of their time playing pool. Aside from playing with her husband, the Chicago actress has also shown her piano skills along with her puppy Taylor. “My biggest fan 😂 my dog when I play the piano,” she quipped. Catherine and Michael’s son Dylan also enjoys playing an instrument but his sister has been unimpressed with his music skills since the lockdown started.

Catherine Zeta Jones©@catherinezetajones
The Chicago actress confessed she enjoys having her morning coffee with no milk or sugar

Though it has been a difficult time for many, Catherine had a near heart attack after her daughter nearly damaged one of her mom’s artworks while doing a handstand. “When you are more concerned about your painting than your daughter’s foot. You need to get a life,” added Catherine on her video.

The mother-of-two also shared her daily routine with her fans and how she prefers to wake up in the morning. “I take my coffee with no milk and no sugar. I used to have lots of milk and about five teaspoons of sugar, and then I stopped the sugar...and now I love my coffee black,” she added.

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