Dayanara Torres and son Cristian hug

Dayanara Torres and Marc Anthony’s son Cristian bickers with mom over music in surprising favorite memory video

It’s the simple things in life that count. A mom and her son in the car hanging out and listening to tunes, this is one of Dayanara Torres’ favorite memories with her son Cristian Muñiz

Dayanara Torres is so happy to have both of her and Marc Anthony’s sons at home in L.A. that she shared her gratitude with her online fans by posting a cute throwback video. Mom and son in Cristian’s car, listening to music and hanging out like two good old friends and showing the incredible bond they share.

“I love this throwback,” she wrote on her post. “In the car, back in 2018, listening to music and having a laugh, we have the best mom-and-son relationship that I know, maybe it’s because we have a very similar character, we are peaceful, we like the same things, the same movies, we both like drawing to switch off...”

Dayanara Torres and son Cristian Muniz©dayanarapr
Dayanara and Cristian are very similar... but they definitely don’t like the same music

But it doesn’t look like their shared tastes stretch to music, in the video, we see how Cristian struggles to find a tune he and his mom can enjoy together, “Okay fine, I’ll find something else,” he says after Dayanara pretends to fall asleep while listening to Cristian’s first option. “Something I like,” she says, to what Cristian replies, “this is my car, though.” The Puerto Rican beauty then hilariously asks the 19-year-old, “And I am your mother, I gave birth to you!”

For the MQBAS judge, seeing her eldest son leave the family home to start his studies in New York was a hard moment, “Seeing him move out to New York to start college made me feel so proud, but also, I got a tiny straw in my eye. I know these have been difficult times for all of us, for some, more than the rest, and we will always be forever grateful for that.

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“But I am so grateful to have him here with me for these indefinite times, and with his brother who missed him so much as his life changed overnight when his best friend, his partner, his companion since he opened his eyes, his big brother was not with him any longer,” she said referring to her youngest son 16-year-old Ryan.

“I don’t know if I’m being very selfish at this time, but I really appreciate all this brought Cristian back to me, to laugh, to cook, to do the washing up, to hug him hard and not let him go... just for a little bit longer till everything goes back to normal. No one knows for how long... but in the meantime, I’ll make the best of it!”

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