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Dascha Polanco’s headstand workout has concerned fans freaking out

The Dominican-Actress showed her latest fitness routine but it’s a bit risky

There is no short of breath in Dascha Polanco’s fitness routine. The In the Heights actress has been getting sweaty in her apartment while in social isolation with light cardio and her latest move - headstands. But the risky workout has fans concerned and freaked out as she does the workout move next to her floor-to-ceiling window. “I would’ve went straight through that glass 😂” commented one fan. “Omg!! You are way too close to that window 😆,” said another one. Despite her high-risk workout, the 37-year-old is getting a good yoga workout with the latest fitness equipment.

Though Dascha’s upside-down workout looked dangerous, the Dominican actress used a FeetUp trainer to do the inversions safely and easily. “My 2nd day... thank u @taisha__25 Te pasaste ❤️,” shared the actress while showing off her new exercise. The wood inversion chair enriches yoga practice without pressure on your neck or spine. The chair is easy to use and is the safest way to do a handstand without a neck injury. And it seems that Dascha has taken yoga to the next level on day number two.

“I was so scared...It’s only my second day. Relax and breathe. Don’t give up keep going,” shared the Latina actress on her video. Whether you are a newbie or fitness instructor, the FeetUp chair helps you to do different postures and movements while relaxing your body. Dascha is always finding new ways to stay positive and motivated during quarantine while encouraging her fans with comedy skits.

Dascha Polanco works out©@sheisdash

In addition to yoga practices, Dascha is also working on her virtual meetings pantless. Recently, she shared a picture where she was donning a blazer with crocs - pants were missing. And while the Dominican star decided to give pants a break during work, she is not settling for basic swimwear, “I’m having a beach 🏝 day in my bathtub feel free to join let me see how you beach day #bathroombeachchallenge since ya luv a challenge ?! 😂” she shared with her fans while revealing her hot pink bathing suit. Even with no sand in sight, Dascha is ready for summer days at her residence.